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L’enfant prodige

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Production still courtesy of Alliance Vivafilm

100 minutes – Drama
Language: French
Release date: May 28, 2010
DVD release date: October 5, 2010
Canadian Distributor: Alliance Vivafilm

L’enfant prodige (Child Podogy) is based on the life of André Mathieu, the Canadian pianist and composer, who expressed an interest in music at a very early age and was originally taught music by his father, Rodolphe Mathieu, a composer in his own right. In the 1930s the Mathieu family went to Paris where André continued his studies, and in December of 1936 gave a recital of his works at Salle Chopin-Pleyel, and again at Salle Gaveau in 1939. His recitals were enthusiastically received by Parisian critics, one of whom dubbed him “little Canadian Mozart.” The following summer, the Mathieu returned to Montréal for the holidays, but due to the outbreak of war, they could not return to Europe. The family left for the USA and the young André gave a remarkable performance at the New York City Town Hall. He remained in New York with his family until 1943, studying composition and appearing in concert and on the radio. In 1946, André returned to Paris to study composition but the trip did not go as planned. Disappointed by his teachers, the young prodigy returned to Montreal only to find that the city, and himself, had changed. He wasn’t a young star anymore and had a hard time finding his place in Québec.

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Daniel Louis
Denise Robert

Line Producer:

Valentin Marinov Pelo (Bulgaria)


Luc Dionne


Luc Dionne


Bruce Chun
Daniel Jobin (Bulgaria)


Jean-François Bergeron

Production Designer:

Michel Proulx

Art Director:

Marc Ricard
Francine Danis (Set Decoration)
Claude Leclair (Set Decoration)

Costume Designer:

Francesca Chamberland

Cast: Roles:

Patrick Drolet
Marc Labrèche
Macha Grenon
Guillaume LeBon
Lothaire Bluteau
Karine Vanasse
François Papineau
Benoît Brière
Isabel Richer
Catherine Trudeau
André Robitaille
Marie-Félixe Allard
Mitsou Gélinas
Marc Béland
Patrice Coquereau
Françoise Faucher
Sophie Faucher
Itzhak Finzi
Michel Forget
Zaccari-Charles Jobin
Albert Millaire
Vlasta Vrana

André Mathieu
Rodolphe Mathieu
Mimi Mathieu
Young André Mathieu
Camillette Mathieu
Robert Gouin
Wilfrid Pelletier
Colette Ostiguy
Johanne Lecompte
Serge Lebrun
Young Camillette
Vivianne Jobin
Monsieur Honneger
Jacques de la Presle
Madame Homberg
Cécile Lebel
Sergei Rachmaninov

Andre Mathieu – as a child
Marcel de Valmalète