Les Chambres Rouge


118 minutes – Thriller
Language: French
Festival release date: July 7, 2023 – Karlovy-Vary Int’l Film Festival (Czech Republic)
Release date: September 1, 2023
Production company: Nemesis Films
Canadian distributor: Entract Films

Early each morning Kelly-Anne (Juliette Gariépy) makes her way from her luxurious condo in downtown Montreal to arrive at the gates of the Palais de Justice to secure a seat at the high-profile trial of Ludovic Chevalier (Maxwell McCabe-Lokos). He’s on trial as a serial killer accused of murdering three young girls and streaming their brutal deaths in the “red rooms” of the Dark Web. Snuff: what was once urban legend is now a sordid reality that captures Québec’s imagination and inspires a group of devoted, conspiratorial admirers. As days go by, Kelly-Anne bonds with another groupie (Laurie Babin), which momentarily breaks her out of her loneliness. But as the proceedings drag on and she spends more time in the courtroom with the victims’ families, she finds it increasingly difficult to maintain her psychological balance and assume her morbid fixation with the killer. She will then do whatever it takes to get her hands on the final piece of the puzzle: the missing video of a murdered 13-year-old girl, to whom Kelly-Anne bears a disturbing resemblance.

An Official Selection at the 2023 Karlovy-Vary International Film Festival, Les Chambres Rouge (Red Rooms) was selected to open the 2023 Fantasia Film Festival on July 20, 2023 in Montréal.

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Dominique Dussault

Executive Producer:

Tim Ringuette


Pascal Plante


Pascal Plante


Vincent Biron


John Malak


Dominique Plante

Production Designer:

Laura Nhem

Costume Designer:

Renée Sawtell

Cast: Roles:

Juliette Gariépy
Laurie Babin
Elisabeth Locas
Natalie Tannous
Pierre Chagnon
Guy Thauvette
Maxwell McCabe Lokos

Maître Chedid
Maître Fortin
Juge Marcel Godbout
Ludovic Chevalier