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96 minutes – Drama
Release date: November 5, 2004
Canadian Distributor: TVA Films

Wahab is a young Québec resident of Lebanese origin. Raised by his aunt and uncle, he never knew his father and when he learns of his death he is shaken. To his dismay and with no apparent reason his family refuse to allow his father to be buried in the family vault next to Wahab`s mother. Going through his father`s things, Wahab finds a series of audio cassettes. Recorded each year for many years on his birthday, Wahab hears a voice he never knew, his father`s voice, tell him things he never knew. For example, the truth behind his mother`s death during his birth, and the love between his father and mother and their desire to become parents. He also learns of the choice his mother made so that he could live and discovers why the family held his father responsible for the death of his mother. Upset by these revelations, the young man, in spite of his family`s disapproval, decides to go bury his father in Kfar Ryat, his native village in Lebanon. Unaware of the country`s recent past marked by war and the current situation, the trip is dangerous for Wahab and for those who have agreed to accompany him. But the journey is not just about distance and history, it is also a journey of discovery for Wahab.

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Brigitte Germain
Pascal Judelewicz


Wadji Mouawad


Wadji Mouawad
Pascal Sanchez


Romain Winding


Yvann Thibaudeau


Mathieu Farhoud-Dionne
Amon Tobin

Cast: Roles:

Steve Laplante
Gilles Renaud
Isabelle Leblanc
Miro Lacasse
David Boutin
Pascal Contamine
Manon Brunelle
Estelle Clareton
Thérèse Boulad
Hani Mattar
Abla Farhoud
Pierre Curzi
Stéphane F. Jacques
Andrée Lachapelle

The father
The mother
Aunt Marie
Uncle Henri
Aunt Renée
Policier Turcot
Policier Renaud