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Love & Savagery

Love & Savagery, image,
Michael McCarthy (Allan Hawco) and Cathleen O'Connell (Sarah Greene). Photo courtesy of Bernard Walsh.
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90 minutes – Drama
Release date: November 6, 2009
Canadian distributor: Mongrel Media

Love & Savagery is a story of passion, fate, and the consequences of the two. In 1969, Newfoundland geologist and poet, Michael McCarthy (Allan Hawco), travels to Ballyvaughan, County Clare, Ireland to examine the “Burren” a geological wonder. There he meets Cathleen (Irish actress, Sarah Greene), a beautiful woman who captures his heart, but because of the path she chose when she was young she cannot allow him to capture hers. Savagery erupts when Michael’s persistence collides with the townspeople`s hostility toward a foreigner’s attempt to intervene with divinity. Cathleen has to choose between a desire that she has recently discovered and a desire that she has felt throughout most of her life. Which will she choose? The love of a man, or the love of God? Can she love both? Is she strong enough to make the right choice? Love and Savagery, with a budget reported to be $6.5 million, was shot in Newfoundland and Ireland in April of 2008.

Love & Savagery, poster,



Barbara Doran
Lynne Wilson
Kevin Tierney
Tristan Orpen Lynch

Executive Producer:

Tristan Orpen Lynch

Supervising Producer:

Rob Blackie


John N. Smith


Des Walsh


Pierre Latarte


Michel Arcand


Bertrand Chénier

Production Designer:

Raymond Dupuis

Costume Designer:

Marie J. Sharpe

Cast: Roles:

Allan Hawco
Sarah Greene
Louise Nicol
Martha Burns
Nicholas Campbell
MacDara O’Fatharta
Sean Panting
Anne Butler
Amber Cull
Lesley Dowey
Frank Deacy
Aiden Flynn
Dylan Smith
Mark Whelan
Andy Jones
Monica Walsh
Sylina Jones
Melee Hutton
Terry O’Rourke
Steve Lush
Geraldine Hollett
Dave Sullivan
Mack Furlong
Greg Walsh
Frank Maher
Don Walsh
Daniel Obediah Payne
Billy Sutton
Rob Brown
Mark White
Jim Payne
Michelle Rex Bailey
Mary Lynn Bernard
Glenn Downey
Paul Dean
Baptiste Neis

Michael McCarthy
Cathleen O’Connell
Mrs. Collins, the Principal
Mother Superior
Senior Tinker
Thomas Collins
Mrs. Quigley
Mary Callaghan
Father Joseph
Liam Collins
Sean Collins
Jim Hyland
Older Man at Reading
Young Woman at Reading
Lodging Housekeeper
Dublin Bartender
Tinker #1
Tinker #2
Tinker #3
Tinker #4
Musician #1
Musician #2
Musician #3
Musician #4
Speedy Young Irish Dancer Inishmore
Dancer #1
Dancer #2
Dancer #3
Dancer #4
Dancer #5
Dancer #6