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Love, Sex & Eating the Bones

Love, Sex & Eating the Bones, movie, image,

100 minutes – Drama, Romance
Language: English
Release date: March 5, 2004
DVD release date: August 17, 2004
Canadian distributor: ThinkFilm Inc.

American actor, Hill Harper plays Michael, a security guard in this an urban romantic comedy who wants to be a photographer. He spends most of his time at an adult movie store called Pornocopia, renting videos starring Lisette, played by Marieka Weathered. One day in a laundromat, he meets the young urban professional Jasmine (Marlyne N. Afflack). She`s a market research professional who has adopted celibacy as a way of life. So, when she falls for Michael, she’s dismayed to learn he can’t “perform” without watching porn. Realizing he has fallen in love with Jasmine, Michael reaches deep inside himself to prove his love and to beat his obsession. Ultimately, both Jasmine and Michael find that unless they are together, they can’t “eat the bones.” In other words, enjoy all that living has to offer right down to the marrow. Look for appearances from The Barenaked Ladies’ Ed Robertson and rapper, Kardinal Offishall.

Love, Sex and Eating the Bones, movie, poster,



Jennifer Holness

Executive Producer:

Jeff Sackman
Paul Stephens
Christopher Zimmer

Associate Producer:

Rob Blackie
Eric Jordan
Marilyn Gray


David Sutherland


David Sutherland


Arthur E. Cooper, CSC


Jeff Warren


Mischa Chillak
Kenny Neal

Cast: Roles:

Hill Harper
Marlyne Afflack
Mark Taylor
Kai Soremekun
Marieka Weathered
Jennifer Baxter
Neil Crone
Kardinal Offishall
Karen Robinson
Kenny Robinson
Ed Robertson
David Huband
Jocelyne Zucco

Michael Joseph
Jasmine LeJeune
Glenroy “Sweets” Lindo
Peaches LeJeune
Trish Papandreou
Anthony Mingelli
Andre Patterson
Heather Taylor
Robbie McKinnon
Xavier MacDonald
Fred Koa