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B: April 13, 1900 in Montréal, Québec
D: October 1, 1953 in London, England

Raymond Robinson Lovell moved to England at a fairly early age. He trained to become a doctor at Cambridge University but gave up medicine for the stage in the 1920s and began in the movies in the early 1930s. The 1941 film, 49th Parallel was shot in Canada and costarred Laurence Olivier, Leslie Howard and Raymond Massey. It was edited by David Lean who would go on to be a director of such important films as Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, The Bridge on the River Kwai, Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago, Ryan’s Daughter and others. At least one source states that Raymond Lovell was born in 1899.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Warn London (1934)
The Third Clue (1934)
Sexton Blake and the Mademoiselle (1935)
King of the Damned (1935)
Crime Unlimited (1935)
The Case of Gabriel Perry (1935)
Some Day (1935)
Trouble Waters (1936)
Not So Dusty (1936)
Gypsy Melody (1936)
Gaol Break (1936)
Fair Exchange (1936)
Under Secret Orders (1937)
Secret Lives (1937)
Midnight Menace (1937)
Behind Your Back (1937)
Murder Tomorrow (1938)

Contraband (1940)
He Found a Star (1941)
The Common Touch (1941)
49th Parallel (1941)
The Young Mr. Pitt (1942)
Uncensored (1942)
The Goose Steps Out (1942)
Alibi (1942)
The Man in Grey (1943)
The Way Ahead (1944)
Warn That Man (1944)
Hotel Reserve (1944)
Candlelight in Algeria (1944)
Night Boat to Dublin (1945)
Appointment with Crime (1945)
Caesar and Cleopatra (1946)
Once Upon a Dream (1947)
The End of the River (1947)
Who Killed Van Loon (1948)
The Three Weird Sisters (1948)
So Evil My Love (1948)
Easy Money (1948)
The Calendar (1948)
But Not in Vain (1948)
The Blind Goddess (1948)
The Romantic Age (1949)
Quartet (1949)
Fools Rush In (1949)
The Bad Lord Byron (1949)
Madness of the Heart (1949)

The Mudlark (1950)
Time Gentleman Please (1952)
The Pickwick Papers (1952)
The Steel Key (1953)
The Vanquished (1953)

49th Parallel, movie poster
49th Parallel was
released in the United States
as The Invaders.