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Low Visibility

Low Visibility, placeholder image,

99 minutes – Drama
Language: English
Release date: 1984
Production company: Neoma Ltd

An accident victim (Larry Lillo) is found wandering in the mountains near the site of a plane crash. Taken to a hospital, the mute Mr. Bones (so named for the bones he clung to when picked up) proves absolutely resilient to all tests based on logic, reason or even speech, but utterly responsive to such “nonsense” as games, puns and sing–a–longs. In other words, Mr. Bones’s experience, whatever it was, has effectively loosed his moorings from the bounds of empirical thought, which makes the agents of official reason, such as the doctors and the police, determined to dismiss him as simply crazy.

This is director Patricia Gruben’s first feature.

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Patricia Gruben
Tom Braidwood


Patricia Gruben


Patricia Gruben


Paul Mitchnick
Kirk Tougas


Patricia Gruben


Martin Gotfrit

Cast: Roles:

Larry Lillo
David Petersen
Penelope Stella
Bob Metcalfe
Jerry Wasserman
Brenda Robins
Sue Astley
Marc Diamond

Mr. Bones
Sergeant Nemitz
Nurse Colville
Gary Telfer
Dr. Korona
Nurse Knecht
Dr. Pearl