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B: January 30, 1871 in Norfolk, Ontario
D: December 13, 1940 in Los Angeles, California

Wilfred Lucas had all the charm and bearing of the almost stereotypical young sophisticate at the end of the 1890s. He left Canada to persue an acting career in New York and made his Broadway debut at the Savoy Theater in 1904 appearing in The Superstition of Sue. He was highly successful in the 1906 play, The Chorus Lady and was approached to join D. W. Griffith at the Biograph movie company in 1907. He worked with some of the greatest silent actors of the day including Mary Pickford. He also appeared in Griffith’s monumental and controversial film, Intolerance. Lucas also tried his hand at screenwriting and directing and survived the transition into “talkies” in a career that spanned 32 remarkable years and 375 films.

Features & TV Movies:
-D indicates also Director

Greaser’s Gauntlet
The Girl and The Outlaw
Ingomar, The Barbarian
The Vaquero’s Vow
The Taming of the Shrew

The Honor of Thieves
The Girls and Daddy
The Golden Louis
The Renunciation
A Strange Meeting
With Her Card
The Hessian Renegades

The Rocky Road
The Man
The Marked Time-Table
The Two Paths

When a Man Loves
His Trust
His Trust Fulfilled
Heart Beats of Long Ago
What Shall We Do with Our Old?
Fisher Folks
The Diamond Star
His Daughter
The Heart of a Savage
A Decree of Destiny
Was He a Coward
The Lonedale Operator
The Spanish Gypsy
The Broken Cross
Madame Rex
His Mother’s Scarf
The New Dress
The White Rose of the Wilds
Enoch Arden: Part 1
Enoch Arden: Part 2
The Primal Call
Fighting Blood
The Thief and the Girl
The Indian Brothers
The Sorrowful Example
The Rose of Kentucky
Swords and Hearts
The Old Confectioner’s Mistake
The Squaw’s Love
Dan the Dandy
The Making of a Man
Italian Blood
The Miser’s Heart
A Woman Scorned
The Failure
As In a Looking Glass
A Terrible Discovery

The Massacre
The Transformation of Mike
A Sister’s Love
Billy’s Stratagem
Under Burning
The Girl and Her Trust
The Goddess of Sagebrush Gulch
The Punishment
Fate’s Interception
Just Like a Woman
His Lesson
When Kings Were the Law
Lena and the Geese
An Indian Summer
Man’s Genesis
The Sands of Dee
A Pueblo Legend
The Chief’s Blanket

Cohen’s Outing
Brute Force
A Chance Deception

The Spanish Jade -D
The Lily and the Rose

The Wood Nymph
A Wild Girl of the Sierras
Hell-to-Pay Austin
The Rummy
The Microscope Mystery

His Excellency, The Governor
The Food Gamblers
Jim Bludso -D
A Sublime Love -D
Hands Up! -D
Souls Triumphant
Sins of Ambition
The Co-respondent
The Judgment House

Girl from Nowhere
The Westerners
Soldiers of Fortune

The Breaking Point
Through The Back Door
The Fighting Breed -D
The Shadow of Lightening Ridge -D
The Better Man -D
The Beautiful Liar

The Kentucky Derby
The Barriers of Folley
The Barnstormer
Across the Deadline
Flesh and Blood
Paid Back

Why Woman Remarry
Heroes of the Street
Can a Woman Love Twice
The Girl of the Golden West
The Greatest Menace

The Fatal Mistake -D
The Mask of Lopez
North of Nevada
Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall
Daughters of Pleasure
The Fighting Sap
Girls Men Forget -D
Passion’s Pathway
A Fight for Honor
Racing for Life
The Price She Paid
Lightening Romance
On Probation

Youth’s Gamble
The Wife Who Wasn’t Wanted
Was It Bigamy
Cyclone Cavalier
Easy Money
The Man Without a Country
Riders of the Purple Sage
A Broadway Butterfly
The Snob Buster
The Bad Lands
How Baxter Butted In

Her Sacrifice -D

The Nest
Burnt Fingers

Just Imagine
Hello Sister
Cock o’ the Walk
The Arizona Kid
Those Who Dance
Looser Than Loose
Madam Satan

The Phantom
Dishonored (uncredited)
Cracked Nuts
Young Donovan`s Kid
Pardon Us
The Galloping Ghost

You Said a Mouthful
The Unwritten Law -D
The Tenderfoot
Stranger in Town (uncredited)
Silver Dollar
Red Noses
The Intruder
Devil and the Deep
Cross Examination
The Tabasco Kid
The Midnight Patrol
Free Wheeling
Lucky Larrigan -D

Strange People
The Sphinx -D
Sister to Judas
The Intruder
Fra Diavolo (aka The Devil’s Brother)
Phantom Thunderbolt
Notorious But Nice
Mary Stevens M.D.
Lost in Limehouse
I Cover the Waterfront
The Big Gage -D
Breed of the Border (uncredited)
The Three Musketeers (voice)
Strange People
The Mayor of Hell (uncredited)
Day of Reckoning

The St.Louis Kid (uncredited)
Operator 13
One Night of Love (uncredited)
The Moth
Cleopatra (uncredited)
The Return of Chandu
Shrimps for a Day
The Count of Monte Cristo -D

The Secret Bride
Chandu of Magic Island
Les Misérables (uncredited)
The Public Menace (uncredited)
Frisco Kid (uncredited)

The Prisoner of Shark Island
Give me Liberty (uncredited)
Criminal Lawyer
California Mail
Modern Times
Midnight Blunders
Mary of Scotland
The Charge of the Light Brigade (uncredited)

Talent Scout (uncredited)
Prairie Thunder
Criminal Lawyer
Mile a Minute Love
Empty Holsters
Dick Tracy
Blazing Sixes
The Super Snooper
Dizzy Doctors
Marked Woman

She Loved a Fireman
Gold is Where You Find It
The Declaration of Independence (uncredited)
Daredevil Drivers
Crime Afloat
The Baroness and the Butler
Accidents will Happen (uncredited)
Four Daughters
Angels With Dirty Faces

Women in the Wind
Racketeers of the Range
The Marshal of Mesa City (uncredited)
Each Dawn I Die (uncredited)
Dodge City (uncredited)

Women Without Names
Waterloo Bridge
Triple Justice
They Drive By Night (uncredited)
Sante Fe Trail (uncredited)
The Fighting 69th
A Chump at Oxford
Virginia City
Brother Orchid
Ragtime Cowboy Joe
The Sea Wolf (released in 1941)