Ma tante Aline


107 minutes – Comedy
Language: French
Release date: July 20, 2007
Canadian distributor: Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm

Geneviève Saint-Louis (Sylvie Léonard), is a 38-year old, highly successful career woman rising up the corporate ladder. Her life is highly organized life and seems to have no time for anything besides work. One day her Aunt Aline (Béatrice Picard) shows up on Genviève`s doorstep penniless and determined to stay out of a retirement home. Because the elderly and eccentric former cabaret singer singer was best friends with her late mother, Genèvieve invites Aline to stay, but soon her previously hyper-organized life is turned upside down. Aline not only upsets Geneviève’s carefully ordered life, but also her relationship with her husband and her carefully crafted career plans. The septuagenarian singer drags her niece through wild meanderings of imagination as she unveils the mysterious origins of their family and a dramatic love story of her youth. It’s an odyssey that takes the two women far away from old age homes and the corridors of power, to an exotic past including a trip to Cuba.

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Lorraine Richard
Luc Martineau


Gabriel Pelletier


Stéphane J. Bureau
Frédéric Ouellet


Eric Cayla


Gaétan Huot


Benoît Charest

Cast: Roles:

Béatrice Picard
Sylvie Léonard
Rémi-Pierre Paquin
Marc Messier
Marcel Sabourin
Sophie Cadieux
Isabelle Cyr
Vincent Leclerc
Mahaée Paiement
Paolo Noël

Aline St-Louis
Geneviève St-Louis
Pierre-Alexandre Langlois
Jacques Dumais
Claude Langevin
Young official
Jean-François Langevin
Lili Anderson