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Ma vie en cinémascope

Ma vie en cinémascope, movie, image,

105 minutes – Drama, Biography
Canadian Distributor: Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm
Release date: December 7, 2004

In industry terms this is a biopic; a film about a real person. Alys Robi was Canada’s first enormously popular recording artist. Long before Celine Dion, Alanis Morresette or anyone else you’d like to name. It was a special time. Television had yet to take hold and people still went out to be entertained. The nightclub scene wasn’t so much a scene as a way of life. She began singing when she was five, appearing on stage in her hometown of Quebec City. During the course of a 20-year career, she lived through a series of tumultuous love affairs while at the same time delighting a generation of fans with her music. Hits included songs such as Tico Tico, Chik-a-boum and Besame mucho. She shared the stage with some of the world’s biggest stars. People like Nat King Cole and Jack Benny. She learned how to dance from Sammy Davis Jr. Although her musical career was a triumph, her personal life took a tragic turn. On the brink of achieving stardom in Hollywood, Alys Robi sank into a depression after a disastrous love affair and was put into a Québec City mental hospital. Despite a lobotomy and electric shock treatments, Robi returned to Montréal for a courageous comeback. This film tells a story of happiness and disappointment, of passionate love and thwarted love. Above all, it tells the story of a remarkable woman, a real woman, who led an extraordinary life and career.

Ma vie en Cinémascope, movie, poster,



Denise Robert
Daniel Louie


Denise Filiatrault


Denise Filiatrault


Pierre Mignot


Yvann Thibodeau


Jean Robitaille
Sébastien Robitaille

Cast: Roles:

Pascale Bussières
Michel Barrette
Serge Postigo
Denis Bernard
Noémi Yelle
Johanne-Marie Tremblay
Adèle Reinhardt
Lise Dion
Nathalie Mallette
Chantal Baril
Normand Chouinard
Ariel Gendron
Martin Cloutier
Tony Robinow
Jacques Girard
Paul Doucet
Frédéric Desager
Pierre Collin
Martin Larocque
Patrick Labbé
Martin Rouette
René Gagnon
Robert Lalonde
Dean Patrick Fleming
Yvan Benoît
Mireille Thibault
Alexandrine Agostini
Charles-André Bourassa
Julianne Côté
Fabien Dupuis
Franco Montesano

Alys Robi
Napoléon “Paulo” Robitaille
Oliver Guimond
Lucio Agostini
Alys (from age 11 to 13)
Bertine Robitaille
Rose “La Poune” Ouellette
Juliette Pétrie
Jean Grimaldi
Alys Robitaille, enfant
Agent d’Alys Robi
Arbitre lutte
Roy Maloin
Le docteur
Camilien Houde
Yvon Robert
Étudiant médecine
Curé du village
Photographe New York
Gérant du Capitole
Caissière du National
Patiente St-Michel
Alys’ Brother
Jeannette Robitaille (at 12 years old)
Gardien St-Michel
Cotroni (uncredited)