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Terence Macartney-Filgate


B: August 6, 1924 in England
D: July 11, 2022 in Toronto, Ontario

The things you do in your formative years often stay with you for the rest of your life. So it is with British-born Canadian producer-writer-cinematographer-director Terence Macartney-Filgate. The product of an army family, he spent his earliest years growing up in India before returning to England in 1933. Only 15 years old at the outbreak of World War Two, Macartney-Filgate ultimately joined the Royal Air Force and became a flight engineer, making more than a dozen sorties over Europe toward the end of the war. This experience would propell him into film, where he would make many documentaries involving flight, and later in life he would remain active with gliders at a small field west of Toronto. In a career spanning more than 50 years, he had directed, written, produced or photographed more than 100 films. These are his credits as a director and screenwriter.

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Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Emergency Rescue – T33 Jet Aircraft (1956)
Blood and Fire, Candid Eye series (TV-1958)
Canadian Infantrymen (1958)
The Days Before Christmas, Candid Eye series, (co-director with Wolf Koenig, Stanley Jackson, TV-1958)
Ground Handling of Aircraft – Part 1: Play it Safe (1958)
Pilgrimage, Candid Eye series (TV-1958)
Security – Sabotage, Security series, (1958)
Police, Candid Eye series (TV-1958)
The Back-breaking Leaf, Candid Eye series (TV-1959)
End of the Line, Candid Eye series/Documentary 60 series (TV-1959)
Glenn Gould: Off the Record, Candid Eye series (assistant director, TV-1959)
Glenn Gould: On the Record, Candid Eye series (assistant director, TV-1959)

The Cars in Your Life, Candid Eye series/Documentary 60 series (TV-1960)
Emergency in Morocco (1960)
Pilot X-15 (1960)
Arts in Cuba (1962)
Robert Frost: A Lover`s Quarrel with the World (co-director with Shirley Clarke, 1963)
Lewis Mumford on the City, Part 1: The City, Heaven and Hell (co-director, 1963)
Lewis Mumford on the City, Part 4: The Heart of the City, (co-director, 1963)
Lewis Mumford on the City, Part 5: The City as Man`s Home (co-director, 1963)
Lewis Mumford on the City, Part 6: The City and the Future (co-director, 1963)
The Hundredth Summer (1964)
Changing World: South African Essay (1964)
Composers USA: The Avant Garde (1966)
McLuhan is the Message, Telescope series (1967)
The Sound of Christopher Plummer, Telescope series (1967)
Portrait of Karsh, Telescope series, (1967)
Up Against the System, Challenge for Change series, (1969)
A Young Social Worker Speaks Her Mind (1969)

A.Y. Jackson: A Portrait (1970)
Henry David Thoreau: The Beat of a Different Drummer (1972)
Lucy Maud Montgomery: The Road to Green Gables (1975)
The Time Machine (1976)
Grenfell of Labrador: The Great Adventure (1977)
Labrador: Land out of Time (1977)
The Hottest Show on Earth (1977)
Fields of Endless Day (1978)
Dieppe 1942, miniseries (1979)
This Is an Emergency (co-director with Derek Lamb, 1979)

In Memory of Norman Bethune, Spectrum series (1980)
The Golden Mountain: The Chinese in Canada (1981)
Spirit of Batoche: The Métis (1986)
The Edenshaw Legacy: Contemporary Haida Art (1986)
Morley Callaghan – First Person Singular (1987)
Ukrainian Canadians: A Time to Remember(1989)
The Magical Eye (1989)

Timothy Findley: Anatomy of a Writer (1992)

Credits as a Screenwriter
Crash Rescue and Fire Fighting (co-writer with William Davidson, 1956)
Emergency Rescue – T33 Jet Aircraft (1956)
Methods of Instruction (1956)
Battalion Intelligence Section (1957)
More than Skin Deep (1957)
Wildlife in the Rockies, (1957)
Ground Handling of Aircraft – Part 1: Play it Safe (1958)
With the R.C.A.F. in Europe (1958)