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B: February 28, 1956 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Guy Maddin has been described as “the Canadian David Lynch” for his surreal, visceral films. His unique vision has gained both critical admiration and an impressive cult following for his many shorts and such feature-length films as Tales from the Gimli Hospital, The Saddest Music in the World and Dracula: Tales from A Virgin’s Diary. In June of 2012, Guy Maddin was appointed to The Order of Canada by Canadian Governor General, David Johnston. His 2014 film, Seances, which is more than a film, was shot in Montreal in July of 2013. Seances is a film shoot, an experience and an installation, which will subsequently become a film and an interactive work. The basic premise of Seances is that most silent filmmakers lost at least one film to a twist of fate. Ever since, these films have hovered like ghosts in search of their final resting place. Maddin has decided to recreate these lost films. His plan during the shoot is that each day he will call on the spirits to take hold of the actors, plunging them into a deep trance that will enable them to act out the lost film of the day. His 2014 film, the epic The Forbidden Room was selected to screen at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, and was named Best Canadian Film by the Toronto Film Critics Association in January of 2016.

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