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Charles Hill Mailes


B: May 25, 1870 in Halifax, Nova Scotia
D: February 17, 1937 in Los Angeles, California

Charles Hills Mailes spent his early career at The Biograph Studio working alongside such early stars as Lillian Gish, Mary Pickford and Florence Lawrence. Mailes’ last film, Murder by Television, also featured another Canadian-born actor, Huntley Gordon.

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1909:At The Alter
A Corner in Wheat

1910:The Smoker
May and December

Her Awakening
The Making of a Man
The Battle
The Miser’s Heart
A Woman Scorned
Saved From Himself
A Terrible Discovery

Won By a Fish
The Eternal Mother
A Tale of the Wilderness
A Blot on the ‘Scutheon
For His Son
The Girl and Her Trust
The Root of Evil
The Goddess of Sagebrush Gulch
Just Like a Woman
The Lesser Evil
A Beast at Bay
When Kings Were the Law
Home Folks
A Temporary Truce
Lena and the Geese
The School Teacher and the Waif
Man Genesis
The Sands of Dee
The Narrow Road
With the Enemy`s Help
A Change of Spirit
An Enemy Unseen
So Near, Yet So Far
The Painted Lady
The New York Hat
My Hero
The God Within

Olaf-An Atom
The Telephone Girl and the Lady
An Adventure in the Autumn Woods
Oil and Water
A Chance Deception
The Massacre
The Unwelcome Guest
Near to Earth
A Welcome Intruder
The Sheriff`s Baby
The Hero of Little Italy
A Misunderstood Boy
The House of Darkness
Just Gold
Death’s Marathon
Her Mother’s Oath
The Mistake
The Coming of Angelo
The Reformers
Two Men of the Desert
A Woman in the Ultimate
A Modest hero
Madonna of the Storm

The Woman in Black
Lord Chumley
Liberty Belles
Judith of Bethulia
The Battle of Elderbush Gulch
Brute Force

East Lynne
Dora Thorne
The Hungarian Nabob

The Whirlpool of Destiny
The Seekers
The Eagle’s Wings
The People vs John Doe

Money Madness
The Mysterious Mrs. Musslewhite
The Bronze Bride
A Young Patriot
Come Through
The Girl Who Won Out
Beloved Jim

The Talk of the Town
The Magic Eye
The Brass Bullet
The Fighting Grin
The Girl Who Wouldn’t Quit
Danger Within

Haunting Shadows
The Speed Maniac
Full of Pep
Fools and Their Money

Treasure Island
Got and Get It
Homespun Folks
The Mark of Zorro

The Home Stretch
Uncharted Seas
The Ten Dollar Raise

The Bond Boy
The Man from Downing Street
The Lying Truth

East Side – West Side
Crashin’ Thru
The Town Scandal
Michael O’Halloran
Soft Boiled
Held to Answer

When a Man’s a Man
Name the Man
Find Your Man
Thundering Hoofs
The Lighthouse by the Sea

1925: The Crimson Runner
Playing with Souls
The Fighting Demon
The Overland Limited
Free to Love
The Midnight Express

Old Ironsides
Hearts and Fists
The Blue Steak
The Combat
The Social Highwayman
The Better Man
The Frontier Trail
Exclusive Rights
The Man in the Saddle

Play Safe
Somewhere in Sonora
Ain’t Love Funny?
Bitter Apples
Man Power
Great Mail Robbery
The College Widow
The City Gone Wild

What a Night
Una nueva y gloriosa nación
Drums of Love
Queen of the Chorus
The Phantom City
Give and Take

The Faker (1929)
Bellamy Trial (1929)
The Carnation Kid (1929)
One Stolen Night (1929)

Lilies of the Field (1930)
Mother`s Cry (1930)
The Unholy Garden (1931)
Women Won’t Tell (1933)
Treason (1933)
Murder By Television (1935)