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Mambo Italiano


89 minutes – Comedy
Release date: June 6, 2003
DVD release date: February 14, 2004
Canadian distributor: Equinoxe Films

Maria Barberini and her husband Gino are typical Italo-Canadians. Following the Second World War they made their way to Montréal and married after they had settled down in “the new world.” Despite having decades to adjust to their new life, they haven’t quite come to terms with all things Canadian and their little insular world is shattered when their son, Angelo, played by Luke Kirby, decides its time to move out. The way it`s supposed to happen is that children stay at home until they marry. So instead of moving out, Angelo has a friend, Nino, move in. Nino is a respectable cop which makes Angelo`s parents happy. Their relief is short lived however when they find out that Nino and Angelo are much more than roommates, they’re lovers. All hell breaks loose and horror is followed by a general outcry, disbelief is followed by indignation, the battlefield is cleared, and “tutta la famiglia” goes to war! Mambo Italiano is hysterically funny and deeply moving. Adapted from the successful play by the same name, the movie explores the subtleties and complexities of this quintessential Italian family – a family straddling the cultures, traditions and mores of the old and new worlds.

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Daniel Louis
Denise Robert


Émile Gaudreault


Émile Gaudreault


Serge Ladouceur


Richard Comeau


Adam Broughton
FM Le Sieur

Cast: Roles:

Luke Kirby
Ginette Reno
Paul Sorvino
Claudia Ferri
Peter Miller
Mary Walsh
Johnny Griffin
Tara Nicodemo
Pierrette Robitaille
Sophie Lorain
Diane Lavallée
Tim Post
Victoria Sanchez
Dino Tavarone
Mark Camacho
Ellen David

Angelo Barberini
Maria Barberini
Gino Barberini
Anna Barberini
Nino Paventi
Lina Paventi
Aunt Yolanda
Pina Lunetti
Beautiful woman
Johnny Christofaro