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Nick Mancuso, actor,
This still from the film Night Magic was scanned from an original in the Northernstars Collection

B: May 29, 1948 in Mammola, Italy

Nick Mancuso began life as Nicodemo Antonio Massimo Mancuso and immigrated with his parents and sister to Canada in 1956. He was raised in the Italian section of Toronto and began acting in high school, after a teacher had him read from Julius Caesar. He later studied at Toronto`s Bloor Collegiate Institute. He then enrolled in the University of Toronto, and majored in psychology. Although he studied for a career in research, he kept going to the drama department and auditioning for their roles. He later transferred to the University of Guelph and graduated with a degree in psychology. But it was acting that held his attention and showing up for an audition for a Studio Lab Theatre production marked the beginning of his professional acting career in the early 1970s. Mancuso won a Genie Award for Best Actor for the movie Ticket to Heaven in 1982. In addition, he has twice earned Best Actor honors from the Houston International Film and Television Festival, and another at the International Film Festival in Taomina, Italy.

Nick Mancuso is pictured with Carole Laure in an image scanned from an original still set for Night Magic in the Northernstars Collection.

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