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March 2020 Film Festivals

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NOTE: (March 17, 2020) Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many film festivals have postponed their schedules. The links we provide will take you to each festival’s website where they will have updated information about their plans and schedules.

Starts: Ends: Name: Location:
dd/mm dd/mm
18/02 04/03 CinéFranco: Youth Festival Toronto, Ontario leaf
20/02 01/03 Berlin International Film Festival Berlin, Germany
21/02 01/03 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival Vancouver, BC leaf
21/02 01/03 Beloit International Film Festival Beloit, Wisconsin
22/02 01/03 Sedona International Film Festival Sedona, Arizona
28/02 01/03 Toronto Irish Film Festival Toronto, ONleaf
03/03 08/03 Vancouver International Women in Film Vancouver, BCleaf
04/03 08/03 Durango Independent Film Festival Durango, Colorado
04/03 08/03 DC Indepedndent Film Festival Washington, DC
05/03 08/03 Female Eye Film Festival Toronto, ON leaf
05/03 08/03 Boulder International Film Festival Boulder, Colorado
05/03 14/03 Kamloops Film Festival Kamloops, B.C. leaf
06/03 15/03 Miami Film Festival Film Festival Miami, Florida
11/03 15/03 Kingston Canadian Film Festival Kingston, ON leaf
13/03 21/03 SXSW Film Festival Austin, Texas
17/03 21/03 Fargo Film Festival Fargo, North Dakota
17/03 22/03 San Luis Obispo Int’l Film Festival San Luis Obispo, California
17/03 29/03 International Festival of Films on Art – FIFA Montréal, Québecleaf
18/03 22/03 Sun Valley Film Festival Sun Valley, Idaho
19/03 27/03 Outaouais Film Festival Gatineau, Québec leaf
20/03 26/03 Bermuda International Film Festival Hamilton, Bermuda
24/03 28/04 Canadian Film Fest Toronto, Ontarioleaf
24/03 29/03 Ann Arbor Film Festival Ann Arbor, Michigan
25/03 29/03 Water Docs International Film Fesitival Toronto, Ontarioleaf
29/03 08/04 Festival International du Film pour Enfants Montréal, Québec leaf
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