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Maudie Makes a Million


(May 3, 2017 – Toronto, ON) The small film with the small cast that tells a small story of a small artist is doing big stuff at the box office. Maudie, directed by Aisling Walsh on a script from Sherry White has passed the $1 million mark. Last weekend Maudie played on 76 screens across the country, taking home an average of $4,000 per screen.

The film was also number 1 at the box office in Atlantic Canada, where it played on 19 screens and beat out such films as The Fate of the Furious, Beauty and the Beast and The Circle. Canadian distributor Mongrel Media opened Maudie April 14 on four screens in Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Halifax). It will be showing on 82 screens in Canada as of this Friday, May 5.

Maudie is a film made by women, from producers, to screen writer, to director, to star – with a story about a woman – and that in itself is a bit of a miracle,” said Mary Young Leckie, one of the three female producers for the film. “To see our little gem reach such a huge audience in Canada is pure joy. Maud Lewis would be amazed and delighted!”

On April 24, Sherry White was given the Writers Guild of Canada Screenwriting Award for Feature Film for her screenplay for Maude.