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B: September 14, 1973 in Toronto, Ontario

Ben Mazzotta received his BA in Image Arts from Ryerson University, where he shot, edited and directed several short films. He then worked for nine years at the University of Toronto`s Multimedia Production Department, where he produced, directed, shot, edited and distributed numerous university funded, educational documentaries. His debut feature film, The Limits, was an official selection at the 2007 Edmonton International Film Festival, winner for Best Drema at the 2008 Digital Video and High Definition Film Festival in Los Angeles, winner for Best Canadian Feature at the 2008 ReelWorld Film Festival in Toronto, and an official selection at the First Time Film Festival in L.A., the Reel Heart International Film Festival, and the Mississauga Independent Film Festival. He is the owner and creative head of Little Engine Moving Pictures, an independent TV and new media production company in Toronto. We list his credits as a Director first.

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