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B: November 16, 1966 in Toronto, Ontario

Dean McDermott got his start in his late teens when he contacted an agent and began to get some work in commercials followed by the occasional guest appearance on a TV show. His career began to get serious after he landed the role of Constable Turnbull opposite Paul Gross, as Constable Fraser, on the highly popular series, Due South. McDermott later played the part of Mark Simpson on the short-lived series, Power Play. He married Tori Spelling on May 7, 2006. They had met while making the CTV movie Mind Over Murder in Ottawa earlier in the year. Tori Spelling was born in Los Angeles in 1973 and costarred for 10 years on the series, Beverly Hills 90210. He plays the role of Chief Iain Vaughn in the series Slasher.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Rookies (TV-1990)
Stepping Out (1991)
High Country (TV-1991)
The Forget-Me-Not Murders (TV-1994)
Sodbusters (TV-1994)
Lives of Girls & Women (TV-1994)
Iron Eagle IV (1995)
Derby (TV-1995)
Bloodknot (1995)
Jack Reed: Death and Vengeance (TV-1996)
Critical Choices (TV-1996)
Ed McBain`s 87th Precinct: Ice (TV-1996)
Joe Torre: Curveballs Along the Way (TV-1997)
Blood on Her Hands (TV-1998)
A Cool Dry Place (1998)
The Wall (1998)
Evidence of Blood (TV-1998)
Bone Daddy (1998)
To Love, Honour and Betray (TV-1999)
Spenser: Small Vices (TV-1999)

Deliberate Intent (TV-2000)
What Makes a Family (TV-2001)
WW3 (TV-2001)
Hysteria: The Def Leppard Story (TV-2001)
Rough Air: Danger of Flight 534 (2001)
Brian’s Song (TV-2001)
Stolen Miracle (TV-2001)
Loves Music, Loves to Dance (TV-2001)
A Christmas Visitor (TV-2002)
Open Range (2003)
Wall of Secrets (TV-2003)
The Skulls III (2003)
Touch of Pink (2004)
Against the Ropes (2004)
Kojak (TV-2005)
Mind Over Murder (TV-2005)
Housesitter (TV-2007)
Kiss the Bride (2007)
Saving God (2008)
Always and Forever (TV-2009)
Santa Baby 2 (TV-2009)

Hoarders: Untold Stories of Tori (2011, short)
Irving Welsh’s Ecstasy (2011)
Dead Again in Tombstone (VR-2017)
Garlic & Gunpowder (2017)
The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time (TV-2018)
Badland Wives (TV-2019)
A Perfect Chaos (2020)
My Animal (2023)

TV Series – Cast:
Jim Lee’s Wild C.A.T.S: Covert Action Teams (1994)
Due South (1995-1998)
Power Play (1998-2000)

Tracker (2001)
1-800-Missing (2003)
H20 (2004, mini-series)

Slasher (2016-)

My Animal, movie, poster,