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Claude Meunier


B: September 4, 1951 in Laval, Québec

Claude Meunier studied law at the Université de Montréal, but in 1973 became one of the Frères Brothers who later gave birth to Paul et Paul, and they, in turn, led to the famous Québec duo Ding et Dong. From 1974-1975, he was a member of the group Les 6 Bols who wrote for the kids’ TV series La fricassée, as well as creating sketches for Les nerfs à l’air. From 1976 onwards, in collaboration with Serge Thériault and Jacques Grisé, he staged three shows as part of the trio Paul et Paul. At the same time, with Louis Saia, he wrote the feature Voyage de nuit, followed by two comedies that were enormously successful theatre productions: Appelez-moi Stéphane and Les voisins. In 2006, he wrote the script for Le Grand Départ, a dramatic comedy produced by Denise Robert of Cinémaginaire which he directed in 2007. The film, released in December 2008, marked his directorial debut.