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Mike Hoolboom is considered one of the finest experimental filmmakers of his generation. The son of a Dutch father and a Dutch-Indonesian mother, Hoolboom began making movies with his father’s Super 8 camera before studying media arts at Oakville’s Sheridan College from 1980 to 1983. He’s been highly prolific ever since.

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Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release
-P indicates also Producer
-W indicates also Screenwriter

College (1981-P)
Now, Yours (1981-P)
Self Portrait With Pipe and Bandaged Ear (1981-P)
The Big Show (1984)
Life Drawing One: Permanence Extending the Movement of Accommodation (1984)
Phonograph (1984)
Song for a Mixed Choir (1984)
Book of Lies (1985-P)
White Museum (1986-P)
From Home (1988-W-P)
Grid (1988-P)
Svetlana (1988-P)
Bomen (1989-P)
Brand (1989-P)
Eat (1989-P)
Was (1989-P)

Fat Corner (1990-P)
Install (1990-P)
Southern Pine Inspection Bureau No. 9 (1990-P)
Towards (1990)
Two (1990)
Man (1991, co-director)
Modern Times (1991-P)
Red Shift (1991-P)
Careful Breaking (1992-P)
Disneyland in June (1992-P)
In the Cinema No One Speaks Unless They Have Something to Say While in Real Life it`s Just the Opposite (1992-W-P)
Mexico (1992, -W, co-director)
The New Man (1992, co-director)
Steps to Harbour (1992)
Escape in Canada (1993)
Indusium (1993-P)
It’s Me, Again (1993)
Kanada (1993-W-P)
One Plus One (1993, co-director)
Shiteater (1993-P)
Frank`s Cock (1994-P)
Justify My Love (1994-P)
Precious (1994-P)
Valentine`s Day (1994-W-P)
Shooting Blanks (1995, co-director)
House of Pain (1995-P)
Letters from Home (1996-P)
Hey Madonna (1998)
In the Future (1998-W-P)
Panic Bodies (1998-P)

Secret (2001)
In the City (2001)
Tom (2002-P)
Imitations of Life (2003)
In The Dark (2004)
The Invisible Man (2006)
Public Lighting (2009)

Fascination (2011)
Mark (2012)
Forest Walk (2013)
Lacan Palestine (2014)
Buffalo Death Mask (2014)
Second Nature (2015)
Safety Picture Collection (2016)
Scrapbook (2016)
Incident Reports (2017)
We Make Couples (2017)
Identification (2017)
In 1974 (2017)
Color My World (2017)
Subway Stops (2017)
Citizen Poet (2017)
Spectator (2018)
From the Archives of the Red Cross (2018)
Aftermath (2018)
After the American Election (2018)
The Bed and the Street (2018)
3 Dreams of Horses (2018)
I Saw Him There (2018)
Nursing History (2018)
Supernatural Power (2018)
Visiting Hours (2019)
Introduction to Alchemy (2019)
27 thoughts about my dad (2019)
Threshold (6 minutes, not territory (2019)
Language (2019)
Leaving Church (2019)
Lover Man (2019)
Feast (2019)
Soft Animal Body (2019)
I Touched Her Legs remix (2019)
How to Watch Pornography (2019)
Credit Card (2019)
Father Auditions (2019)

Be Your Dog (2020)
Fade to Black (2020)
After Drowning (2020)
Instructions for Robots (2020)
Zen Basketball (2020)
After Victory Day (2020)
Wax Museum (2020)
Closer (2021)
Judy versus Capitalism (2021)
23 Thoughts About My Mother (2021)
We are Islands (2021)
The guy on the bed (2021)
Skinned (2021)
Nazareth (2021)
Model Citizens (2021
In the footsteps (2021)
Ice Cream (2021)
For the Birds (2021)
Identifications (2021)
Soft Landings for Capitalism (2021)
Cut (2021)
Feeling States (2021)
Listening (2022)
My Education (2022)
Sundays (2022)
Immune System (2022)
Chile (2022)
Disco (2022)
Haifa (2022)
New York State of Mind (2022)
Skinship (2022)
Waves (2022)
Freedom from Everything (2022)