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B: June 10, 1918 in London, England
D: February 2, 2008 in London, England

Barry Morse was born in England but spent enough time in Canada to be considered Canadian. That said, most of his career had been spent working in the United States and while he visted Canada on a regular basis, he settled in the country of his birth, England. He is usually associated with his role as Lieutenant Gerard from the television series, The Fugitive, which ran for four years. He considered it one of the best programs television ever produced.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

When We Were Married (1942)
Thunder Rock (1942)
The Goose Steps Out (1942)
The Dummy Talks (1943)
This Man is Alive (1946)
Late At Night (1946)
Daughter of Darkness (1948)

No Trace (1950)
The Fallen Idol (TV-1959)

The Heiress (TV-1961)
Kings of the Sun (1963)
The English Boy (TV-1969)
Justine (1969)

Puzzle of a Downfall Child (1970)
The Telephone Book (1971)
Running Scared (1972)
Poet Game (TV-1972)
Asylum (1972)
The Story of David (TV-1976)
Welcome to Blood City (1977)
One Man (1977)
Love at First Sight (1977)
Power Play (1978)
The Shape of Things to Come (1979)
Riel (1979)

Murder By Phone (1980)
Klondike Fever (1980)
The Changeling (1980)
Funeral Home (1980)
Hounds of Notre Dame (1980)
A Tale of Two Cities (TV-1980)
Whoops Apocalypse (1983)
The Rothko Conspiracy (TV-1983)
The Innocents Abroad (TV-1983)
Sadat (TV-1983)
Reunion at Fairborough (TV-1985)
Covenant (TV-1985)
The Return of Sherlock Homes (TV-1987)
Fight For Life (TV-1987)
Hoover vs The Kennedys: The Second Civil War (TV-1987)
Glory! Glory! (TV-1989)

TekWar (TV-1994)
Memory Run (1996)
Taxman (1999)
Love and Debt (1999)

Merely Players (2000)
Icon (TV-2005)

TV Series – Cast:
The Fugitive (1963-1967)

The Golden Bowl (1972, mini-series)
The Adventurer (1972)
The Zoo Gang (1975)
Space 1999 (1975)

The Martian Chronicles (1980, mini-series)
A Woman of Substance (1983, mini-series)
The Winds of War (1983, mini-series)
Master of the Game (1984, mini-series)
Race For The Bomb (1986, mini-series)
War and Remembrance (1989, mini-series)

JFK: Reckless Youth (1993, mini-series)