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Motive (2013-2016)

Motive, CTV series

Release date Canada: February 3, 2013 (CTV)
Release date US: May 23, 2013 (ABC)

2013: 13 x 60 minutes
2014: 13 x 60 minutes
2015: 13 x 60 minutes
2016: 13 x 60 minutes

Motive is an unconventional way to watch a crime drama unfold. Each episode in this Vancouver set crime drama begins by revealing not only the victim, but the killer as well. It’s not a “whodunit,” it’s a “whydunit,” a question faced by spirited female Vancouver homicide detective Angie Flynn (Kristin Lehman) as she begins to piece together the clues from the crime. How are the victim and killer connected? What is the motive? As the mystery unfolds, viewers navigate a complicated maze of clues alongside the detective and her team.



John G. Lenic
Wil Zmak

Executive Producer:

Daniel Cerone
Erin Haskett
Lindsay MacAdam
Louise Clark
Dennis Heaton
Rob LaBelle
Rob Merilees
James Thorpe

Co-Executive Producer:

Daegan Fryklind
Bronwen Hughes


Ben Brafman


David Frazee
Sturla Gunnarsson
Bronwen Hughes
Andy Mikita


Daniel Cerone
James Thorpe
Daegan Fryklind
Dennis Heaton


Mathias Herndl


Lisa Binkley
Alison Grace
Stein Myhrstad


Shawn Pierce

Cast: Roles:

Kristin Lehman
Louis Ferreira
Brendan Penny
Roger Cross
Lauren Holly
Cameron Bright
Hilary Jardine
Tammy Gillis
Kimberly Sustad
Kyra Zagorsky
Gabriel LaBelle
Darcy Laurie
David Pérez

Detective Angie Flynn
Detective Oscar Vega
Detective Brian Lucas
Staff Sergeant Boyd Bloom
Dr. Betty Rogers
Manny Flynn
Julia Conrad
Ronnie Chase
Chad Chase
Computer Sketch Artist