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My American Cousin

My American Cousin, movie, image,
This publicity still for My American Cousin was scanned from an original still set in the Northernstars Collection.

95 minutes – Drama
Release date: September 5, 1985

Sandy Wilson’s debut feature has emerged as something of an English-Canadian classic, operating simultaneously as a deeply personal film and as a metaphor for the inferiority complex our national psyche. The film opens as bored 12-year-old Sandy (Margaret Langrick) is preparing for another long summer of cherry picking when suddenly her older, James Dean-cool cousin Butch (John Wildman, pictured above) arrives unexpectedly from California in a red Cadillac convertible. Sandy and her pre-teen friends fall madly for Butch’s rock ‘n’ roll swagger, but he`s more interested in making time with the local girls and getting in fistfights than in playing chauffeur to Sandy. Both have a lot to learn about life and each other, but united under the strict parental rule of Sandy’s dad, they vow to make this summer a truly unforgettable experience. Despite its specific Canadian subject matter, Wilson’s sweet storyline and the charm of her characters gave the film a universal appeal that ultimately led to its international success; it was followed by an indifferent sequel, American Boyfriends. It won six Genie Awards, including Best Picture, Director, Actor and Actress, and was nominated for five more.

The poster and the image above (one of eight) were scanned from an original still set in the Northernstars Collection.

My American Cousin, movie poster,



Peter O’Brian


Sandy Wilson


Sandy Wilson


Sandy Wilson


Richard Leiterman, CSC


Paul Haida, CFE

Cast: Roles:

Margaret Langrick
John Wildman
Richard Donat
Jane Mortifee
T.J. Scott
Camille Henderson
Darsi Bailey
Allison Hale
Samantha Jocelyn
Babs Chula
Terry Moore
Brent Severson
Brian Hagel
Carter Dunham
Julie Nevlud
Alexis Peat
Micki Maunsell
Kitty Wilson
Jake Van Weston
Ritchie Hobden
Linda Geggie
Nikos Theodosakis
Guy Wilson
Lisa Niven
Linda Wiebe
Lisa Wiebe
Jacqueline Conrad
Tom Braidwood
Sergei Ryga
Gabriella Martinelli
Nicola Cavendish
Lorne Davidson
Rob Wylie
Dave Sher
Kellie Benz
Larry Forsyth

Sandy Wilcox
Butch Walker
Major Wilcox
Kitty Wilcox
Lenny McPhee
Shirley Darling
Dolly Walker
Al Walker
Johnny Wilcox
Danny Wilcox
Eddie Wilcox
Ruth Wilcox
Pixie Wilcox
Granny Wilcox
Aunt Nell
Jim Van Weston
Rosie Hardman
Dance M.C
RCMP Officer
Girl in the Washroom
Blonde Twin #1
Blonde Twin #2
Girl in the Washroom

Gladys Rutherford