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My Life Without Me

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106 minutes – Drama
Language: English
Release date: October 31, 2003
DVD release date: February 24, 2004
Canadian distributor: Odeon Films

Ann is a hard-working mother with two young daughters, a husband who spends more time unemployed than working, a mother with a history of broken dreams, and a father who has spent the last ten years in jail. While most women her age are out having a good time, she spends her nights working as a janitor in a university she could never afford to attend. She lives with her family in a tiny trailer in her mother’s backyard. Yet, somehow, she keeps her head above water and her spirit alive. After collapsing one day, a check-up reveals she has inoperable ovarian cancer. She decides to keep the truth from everyone, particularly her daughters, as she finally takes control of her life. And as she does she goes from the working-class woman we first met, to a women that has become liberated from day-to-day life. Knowing there is only so much time, Ann decides to give her life new meaning, and finds she has the power to understand, examine and fully live her own life, if only for the two months she has left to live.

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Esther García
Gordon McLennan

Executive Producer:

Agustín Almodóvar
Pedro Almodóvar
Ogden Gavanski

Associate Producer:

Michel Ruben

Line Producer:

Jordi Torrent


Isabel Coixet


Isabel Coixet


Jean Claude Larrieu


Lisa Jane Robinson


Alfonso De Vilallonga

Production Designer:

Carol Lavallee

Art Director:

Shelley Bolton

Costume Designer:

Katia Stano

Cast: Roles:

Sarah Polley
Scott Speedman
Deborah Harry
Amanda Plummer
Leonor Watling
Mark Ruffalo
Maria de Medeiros
Julian Richings
Jessica Amlee
Kenya Jo Kennedy
Gillian Barber
Sonja Bennett
Tyron Leitso
Alfred Molina
Esther Garcia
Camille Martinez

Ann’s Mother
Ann, a neighbour
The Hairdresser
Dr. Thompson
1st Nurse
Man in a Bar
Ann’s Father