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Niagara Motel


88 minutes – Drama
Language: English
Release date: March 24, 2006
Canadian distributor: Mongrel Media

Set in a down-scale motel in the tourist city of Niagara Falls, Canada, Niagara Motel tells the story of a group of turbulent individuals who are all, for various reasons, at crisis points in their lives. One is Loretta Bourgogne, a young, sexy and pregnant waitress at the Motel restaurant. She has her hands full with the many men who all want something from her. Guys like Dave, an underachieving stapler salesman who is dating Loretta to impress his boss. Then there`s Michael, a small-time hustler who wants to exploit Loretta`s `special quality’ in the world of adult porn videos. And there`s Gilles, the father of Loretta`s unborn baby, who wants her back home in Quebec. She also has to deal with her ex`s parents, Claude and Lucille Gagnon who arrive at the restaurant also demanding that she return home. Loretta struggles to get out from under all these people who see her not as who she is but who they want her to be. The hotel itself is populated by a strange mixture of guests including a recovering drug addict, Denise and her husband R.J. who is an ex-con who found religion in prison. They’re desperately trying to regain custody of their baby from social services. In another room are Henry and Lily , a middle-class couple whose marriage is rapidly failing. Henry, a former corporate manager, is out of a job and is looking for one in Niagara Falls. Lily is sourly unhappy because she`s used to so much more – and now they’re on the verge of bankruptcy. Lily makes friends with Sandy, a prostitute who works out of the Motel. Lily figures that if Sandy can make so much money, why can’t she? Then there`s Phillie Phillips, the Motel`s woeful, drunken manager and room cleaner, and the owners of the Motel and restaurant, Boris and his daughter Sophie. Immigrants from the former Yugoslavia, he`s a loudmouth yeller and although she`s kind-hearted they both either reproach or meddle in the lives of their customers.

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Terence S. Potter
Phyllis Laing
Michael Prupas
Bernard Zukerman


Gary Yates


Dani Romain
George F. Walker


Ian Wilson


Simon Cozens


Guy Fletcher

Cast: Roles:

Craig Ferguson
Anna Friel
Caroline Dhavernas
Peter Keleghan
Kris Holden-Ried
Tom Barnett
Catherine Fitch
Janet-Laine Green
Krista Bridges
Normand Daneau
Damir Andrei
Pierre Collin
Danièle Lorain
Tracy McMahon
David Stuart Evans
Kevin Pollak
Wendy Crewson

Phillie Phillips
Loretta Bourgogne
Helen Mackie
Claude Gagnon
Lucille Gagnon
Mrs. Phillie Phillips