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OIAF Profiles Evelyn Lambart


(September 15, 2017 – Ottawa, ON) The Ottawa International Animation Festival will have a special presentation on famed Canadian animator Evelyn Lambart. Often referred to as the First Lady of Canadian animation, Lambart toiled in obscurity at the National Film Board for more than 20 years as famed animator Norman McLaren’s faithful collaborator.

Hired in 1942 to do delicate lettering on films, after a few years at the Board, she had a few films to her name, The Impossible Map (1947) and a joint credit with George Dunning on Family Tree (1949); however, for the most part, she worked long hours conducting careful collaborations on some of McLaren’s best known work including Begone Dull Care, Around is Around, Rythmetric, the Oscar–nominated A Chairy Tale, Lines—Vertical, Lines—Horizontal and Mosaic.

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