Ordinary Days


82 minutes – Thriller, Drama
Festival release date: September 17, 2017 (Atlantic Film Festival)
Release date: May 10, 2019
Production company:
Canadian distributor:

Ordinary Days follows the mysterious disappearance of Cara Cook (Jacqueline Byers), a bright and athletic college student with an overbearing and protective mother and a much more relaxed dad. Over five tense days with little evidence and even fewer leads, the story is examined from three different perspectives. First, her parents, then the troubled Detective Brightbill, and lastly, what happened to Cara is revealed. Ordinary Days touches on three compelling film genres – drama, mystery and suspense to explore themes of family and love.

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Ramona Barckert
Glenn Cockburn
Bryce Mitchell
Brian Robertson

Line Producer:

Jessica Adams


Kris Booth
Jordan Canning
Renuka Jeyapalan


Ramona Barckert


Michael Robert McLaughlin


Aren Hansen


Keegan Jessamy
Bryce Mitchell

Production Designer:

Rosanna Lagace

Costume Designer:

Jessica Mary Clayton

Cast: Roles:

Jacqueline Byers
Michael Xavier
Joris Jarsky
Torri Higginson
Richard Clarkin
Mena Massoud
Kimberly Laferriere
Kirsten Alter
Jefferson Brown
Melody A. Johnson
Daniel Kash
Katie Messina

Cara Cook
Jonathan Brightbill
Ward Anderton
Marie Cook
Rich Cook
Ollie Santos
Susanna Collee
Janine Beltre
Eddie Tannen
Loreena Pritt
Abe Barnard