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Barbara Parkins


B: May 22, 1942 in Vancouver, British Columbia

Barbara Parkins made her film debut in the 1961 British crime drama 20,000 Eyes. She is usually remembered for her role as the much-married Betty Harrington in the American TV series Peyton Place, which ran from 1964 through 1969. She reprised Betty for a 1985 “reunion” TV movie, and played a variation of the character in the 1967 feature, Valley of the Dolls.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

20,000 Eyes (1961)
Valley of the Dolls (1967)

Puppet on a Chain (1970)
The Kremlin Letters (1970)
The Mephisto Waltz (1971)
La maison sous les arbes (1971)
A Taste of Evil (TV-1971)
Asylum (1972)
Snatched (TV-1973)
Christina (1974)
Law of the Land (TV-1976)
Shout at the Devil (1976)
Young Joe: The Forgotten Kennedy (TV-1977)
Ziegfeld: the Man and his Women (TV-1978)
The Critical List (TV-1978)
The Disappearance (1978)

Bear Island (1980)
Breakfast in Paris (1982)
Uncommon Valor (TV-1983)
To Catch a King (TV-1984)
Calendar Girl Murders (TV-1984)
Peyton Place: The Next Generation (TV-1985)
Perry Mason: The Case of the Notorious Nun (TV-1986)

Scandalous Me: The Jacqueline Susann Story (TV-1998)

TV Series – Cast:
Peyton Place (1964 – 1969)
Jennie: Lady Randolph Churchill (1975, mini-series)
Captains and Kings (1976, mini-series)
Testimony of Two Men (1977, mini-series)
The Manions of America (1981, mini-series)
Scene of the Crime (1991)