114 minutes – Drama
Langue: English
Release date: October 17, 2008
DVD release date: February 3, 2009
Canadian Distributor – Alliance Films

Set during the height of the First World War, Passchendaele tells the story of Sergeant Michael Dunne (Paul Gross), a soldier who is brutally wounded in France and returns to Calgary emotionally and physically scarred. The character is based on Gross’ Grandfather, Michael Joseph Dunne, who told Gross of his experiences in the war and whose death moved the actor-writer-director to create this project. While in the military hospital in Calgary, Dunne meets Sarah (Caroline Dhavernas), a mysterious and attractive nurse with whom he develops a passionate love. When Sarah`s younger asthmatic brother David (Joe Dinicol) signs up to fight in Europe, Michael feels compelled to return to Europe to protect him. Michael and David, like thousands of Canadians, are sent to fight in the third battle of Ypres, a battle against impossible odds, commonly known as Passchendaele. The film is a story of passion, courage and dedication, showing the heroism of those that fought in one of the greatest battles of the Great War, and of the ones that loved them. Passchendaele was selected to open the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival. chose Passchendaele as one of its Top 10 Canadian Films of the Decade in December 2009.

Northernstars reviews Passchendaele.
Northernstars reviews the Passchendaele DVD.



Niv Fichman
Frank Siracusa
Francis Damberger
Paul Gross

Associate Producer:

Janina Barrett
Penny McDonald
Austin Wong

Line Producer:

Thom J. Pretak


Paul Gross


Paul Gross


Gregory Middleton


David Wharnsby


Jan A.P. Kacsmarek

Production Designer:

Carol Spier

Art Director:

Tracey Baryski

Costume Designer:

Wendy Partridge

Cast: Roles:

Paul Gross
Caroline Dhavernas
Joe Dinicol
Chris Ippolito
Jayson Therrien
Robert Nogier
Gil Bellows
Michael Greyeyes
Adam Harrington
David Brown
David Haysom
Landon Liboiron
Alex Arsenault
Tom Carey
Brian Jensen
Sean Anthony Olsen
Don Bland
Meredith Bailey
Chad Nobert
Rainer Kahl
Jason Cermak
Joseph Allan Sutherland
C. Adam Leigh
Marty Antonini
Judith Buchan

Sergeant Michael Dunne
Sarah Mann
David Mann
Mr. Harper
Colonel Ormand
Dr. Nigel Bernard
David Mann
Young German Soldier
Major Bingham
Lt. Maxwell
RSM Watchman
Cassie Walker
German Machine Gunner
Lewis Gunner
Stretcher Bearer
Mrs. Costello