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Denise Pelletier


B: May 22, 1923 in Saint-Jovite, Québec
D: May 24, 1976 in Montreal, Québec

Denise Pelletier was primarily a stage actor. She began her film career in the classic, Tit-coq. The idea for the film came to its director, Gratien Gélinas in 1947 but plans for the film did not materialize and the screenplay was reworked as a stage play a year later. It was immediately successful and enjoyed over 500 performances in Québec and Eastern Canada over the next three years. When the film was made – it was shot in 1952 and released a year later – it too became a huge hit. It is estimated more than 300,000 people saw it between February and April 1953.

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Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Tit-coq (1953)
Côté cour…côté jardin (1953)

La corde au cou (1965)

Les indrogables (1972)
Y’a toujours moyen de moyenner (1973)
Bingo (1973)
Qui perde gagne (1974)

TV Series – Cast:
La famille Plouffe (1953)
La côté de sable (1960)

Tit=Coq, movie poster