120 minutes – Drama, Biography
Language: English
Release date: October 9, 2020
Production company:
Canadian distributor: Mongrel Media

Based on events from a 1998 lawsuit, Percy follows small-town farmer Percy Schmeiser, who challenges a major conglomerate when the company’s genetically modified (GMO) canola is discovered in the 70-year-old farmer’s crops. As he speaks out against the company’s business practices, he realizes he is representing thousands of other disenfranchised farmers around the world fighting the same battle. Suddenly, he becomes an unsuspecting folk hero in a desperate war to protect farmers’ rights and the world’s food supply against what they see as corporate greed.

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Daniel Bekerman
Ian Dimerman
Ethan Lazar
Garfield Lindsay Miller
Hilary Pryor
Brendon Sawatzky

Executive Producer:

Kellon Akeem
Todd Berger
Deepak Kumar Bhagat
Andrew Chang-Sang
Mark Gingras
Beata Gutman
Mayur Hasija
John Hills
Kevin Hoiseth
Dwight Howard
Ryan Krivoshey
John Laing
Andy Marks
William G. Santor
Matthew Shreder
Yandy Smith


Lauren Grant

Associate Producer:

Natalie Novak Remplakowski

Consulting Producer:

Pravesh Sahni (India)

Line Producer:

Lisa Cichelly
Rakesh Singh (India)


Clark Johnson


Garfield Lindsay Miller
Hilary Pryor


Luc Montpellier


Geoff Ashenhurst
Maureen Grant
Susan Maggi

Art Director:

Scott Layton

Costume Designer:

Sandra Soke

Cast: Roles:

Christopher Walken
Martin Donovan
Christina Ricci
Peter Stebbings
Luke Kirby
Zach Braff
Adam Beach
Zoe Fish
Roberta Maxwell
Andrea del Campo
Anna Hardwick
Bradley Sawatzky
Melissa Hood
Jason Wishnowski
Ernesto Griffith
Jai Mession
Angela Narth
Matthew Stefanson
Blake Taylor
Ron Verwymeren
Dean Harder
Monique Alvarez
Daina Leitold
Sarah-Jane Marquez-Hicks
Warren Ellis

Percy Schmeiser
Rick Aarons
Rebecca Salcau
Head of NGO, Rebecca Salcau’s boss
Peter Schmeiser
Jackson Weaver
Alton Kelly
Mary Schmeiser
Louise Schmeiser
Brenda Kelly
UK News Anchor
Meghan Lewis-O’Connor
Investigator #1
Washington Post Reporter
News Anchor
Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin
Sales Clerk
Karl Steiger
Judge Lean
Bob Black
ane Doe
Ottawa Journalist
Mill Worker