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Perfect Pie


92 minutes – Drama
Language: English
Release date: October 18, 2002
DVD release date: May 13, 2003
Canadian distributor: Odeon Films

Perfect Pie is a bittersweet view of a long-standing, long-festering female relationship that is, at times, genuinely touching if ultimately a little too polite, which is, in a way, perfectly Canadian. Wendy Crewson and Barbara Williams co-star as estranged friends, with Crewson playing Patsy Willets, an idyllic country wife and mother. Patsy never left the small Ontario town where both her and her best friend Marie grew up. But Marie is now the world-renowned opera singer, Francesca Prine, played by Barabra Williams. Francesca is everything Marie wasn’t. She’s cosmopolitan, sexually adventurous, pleasant smelling and possesses extremely good upper-arm tone. She’s also completely self-absorbed. Patsy has stayed the same sweet girl she was in high school. When Francesca rolls back into town after 20-odd years for a benefit concert. Their story, told in the present day, interweaves scenes of Patsy and Francesca at ages 10 and 15. When the past meets the present, a catharsis is achieved, which forces the women to re-examine their lives and their deep bond of friendship.

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Niv Fichman

Executive Producer:

Daniel Iron


Jennifer Jonas
Sheena Macdonald


Barbara Willis Sweete


Judith Thompson


Paul Sarossy


David Wharnsby


Alexina Louie
Alex Pauk

Cast: Roles:

Wendy Crewson
Barbara Williams
Tom McCamus
Alison Pill
Rachel McAdams
Trevor Bain
Brittany Bristow
Johnny Goltz
Jackie Laidlaw
David Gardner

Patsy Willets
Francesca Prine
Don Rayford
Marie at age 15
Patsy at age 15
Patsy’s Husband
Patsy at age 10
Patsy’s Mother