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Janet Perlman studied graphic design and film production at the School of Art and Design of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. She joined the Animation Studio of the National Film Board of Canada in 1973. For the next ten years she wrote and directed theatrical shorts, educational films, films for children, and television commercials. Perlman`s animated films have won many international awards, including an Academy Award nomination, an Emmy, an American Film Festival Blue Ribbon, the 1991 Parent`s Choice Award for best children`s video, Best Short Film at the Montreal World Film Festival, and prizes at Ottawa Animation Festival, Varna, Columbus and Chicago.

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Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Comic Strip (1972)
Lady Fishbourne`s Complete Guide to Better Table Manners (1975)

Why Me? (1980) (co-directed with Derek Lamb)
The Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin (1981)

Three Men in a Kitchen (TV-1994)
My Favorite Things That I Love (1994)
Dinner for Two (1996)

Bully Dance (2000)
The Stain Maven (2002)
Penguins Behind Bars (TV-2003)
Invasion of the Space Lobsters (2006)
Hot Seat (2008)
The Nose (2008)

Sorry Film Not Ready (2010)