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Pierre Perrault, director,
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Pierre Perrault was one of the most important filmmakers in Canada although largely unknown outside of Québec. He is credited with developing a unique “cinema of speech” that spoke directly about Québec, its land and its people. His work has had an enormous influence on a generation of younger filmmakers. Pierre Perrault studied law and went on to spend two years as a lawyer before moving to radio as an announcer. He was also a poet and dramatist.

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Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Pour la suite de monde (aka, For Those Who Will Follow, 1963)
Le règne du jour (1966)
Beluga Days (1968, short, co-directed with Michel Brault, Bernard Gosselin)
Les voitures d’eau (1969)
Le beau plaisir (1969)

Un pays sans bon sens! ou Wake Up, mes bons amis (1970)
L’Acadie l’Acadie?!? (1971, co-directed with Michel Brault)
Tickets s.v.p. (1973, short)
Un royaume vous attend (1976)
Le retour à la terre (1976)
Le goût de la farine (1976)
C’était un Québecois en Bretagne, Madame! (1977)
Gens d’Abitibi (1979)

Le pays de la terre sans arbe ou le Mouchouânipi (1980)
La bête lumineuse (1982)
Les voiles bas et en travers (1983)

Ice Warrior (1996)