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Prisoner X


On a cold February night, a young man is found unconscious at the wheel of a crashed vehicle in Montana not far from the Canadian border and a lump of weapons-grade Uranium is recovered from the trunk. He is immediately thrown into a high-security prison and tortured relentlessly for months. But apart from a few vicious-sounding curses in an unknown language, he utters nothing. Then one day out of the blue, he gives his interrogators a list of numbers and letters, which turn out to be astronomical coordinates of upcoming Supernova explosions. The very next day the first of those celestial events occurs exactly as predicted, sending shock-waves through the security establishment. It’s obvious; the man in custody is no ordinary terrorist. He is a time-traveller from the future. Fifteen years later, RAMIRO still sits in the same secret prison two kilometres under the ground, but much has changed in the world above. Based on the information he has provided over the years, the US has waged a relentless war on terror in an attempt to neutralize the remaining ninety-eight “temporal jihadists” Ramiro claims arrived with him. Several countries in the Middle-East have been invaded, Pakistan has been wiped off the map and India is next on the list. But the terrorists, led by their enigmatic leader Abraham, remain at large. As the world slips further into chaos and destruction and the threat of nuclear holocaust looms large, CIA Agent Carmen Reese engages in an intense psychological battle with Ramiro, who seems to have a window into her inner world and is ready to exploit her emotional vulnerabilities to achieve his goal.

Based on the Hugo-nominated novella Truth by Robert Reed.

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Robin Bigue
Avi Federgreen

Cast: Roles:

Michelle Nolden
Damon Runyan
Julian Richings
Romano Orzari
Dru Viergever
Gianpaolo Venuta
Nigel Bennett
Alex Harrouch
Jim Codrington
Stewart Arnott
Shawn C. Orr

Carmen Reese, CIA Agent
Prison Commandant Jefferson
Prison Guard
President Charles Turner
Director of National Intelligence