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Prom Night

Prom Night, movie, image,
Lobby Card for Prom Night scanned from an original in the Northernstars Collection.

91-minutes – Horror
Release date: July 18, 1980

Canadian distributor: Astral Films
US distributor: Avco Embassy Pictures Corp.

Fresh from the success of Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis cemented her early reputation as the “scream queen” with this slasher tale of revenge. Four witnesses to a young girl’s accidental death years ago are targets of a stalking killer on the night of the high school prom. While definitely inferior to Halloween and Carrie, the two films that provide the framework for this low-budget knock-off, Paul Lynch’s Prom Night survives as a cult favourite in the genre and is the subject of a trivia question in Wes Craven’s Scream. The film also provided a franchise of sorts for producer Peter Simpson, since three terrible sequels of diminishing returns were made over the next twelve years. – Synopsis courtesy of The Essential Guide to Canadian Film

The image above, one of 7 in a set of lobby cards, and the poster for Prom Night were scanned from originals in the Northernstars Collection.

Prom Night - Northernstars Collection poster



Peter Simpson

Associate Producer:

Richard Simpson


Paul Lynch


William Grey


Robert New


Brian Ravok


Paul Zaza
Carl Zittrer

Art Director:

Reuben Freed

Cast: Roles:

Leslie Nielsen
Jamie Lee Curtis
Casey Stevens
Eddie Benton
Antoinette Bower
Michael Tough
Robert Silverman
Pita Oliver
David Mucci
Jeff Wincott
Mary Beth Rubens
George Touliatos,
Melanie Morse MacQuarrie
David Gardner
Joy Thompson
Sheldon Rybowski
Rob Garrison
David Bolt
Beth Amos
Sonia Zimmer,
Sylvia Martin
Liz Stalker-Mason
Pam Henry
Ardon Bess
Lee Wildgen
Brock Simpson
Debbie Greenfield
Tammy Bourne
Dean Bosackl
Leslie Scott
Karen Forbes
Joyce Kite

Mr. Hammond
Kim Hammond
Nick McBride
Wendy Richards
Mrs. Hammond
Alex Hammond
Mr. Sykes
Lou Farmer
Drew Shinnick
Kelly Lynch
Lt. McBride
Dr. Fairchild
Jude Cunningham
Seymour “Slick” Crane
Mrs. Cunningham
Car Hop
Gang Member
Young Nick
Young Kim
Young Robin
Young Alex
Young Wendy
Young Jude
Young Kelly