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Question of Privilege (1999)

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94 minutes – Drama
Language: English
Release date: April 16, 1999

A US-Canada co-production, Question of Privilege is essentially a courtroom drama that revolves around a horrendous crime committed in a small town. A teenage girl is found dead and four teenage boys are blamed. The quartet had met up with the girl the night before; they had been out carousing and they were known to be the sort of boys who were often up to no good. They declare their innocence and defense attorney Gail Sterling believes them. Others, however, are determined to see them behind bars. Freed on a technicality, Sterling and the boys become pariahs in the community until another killing convinces people that the murderer is still at large.

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Stefano Dammicco
Bruce Harvey


Rick Stevenson


David Schultz


Bruce Worrall


Bridget Durnford


Neil Smola

Production Designer:

Terry Gunvordahl

Art Director:

Marsha Scott (Set Decoration)

Costume Designer:

Joan Boyko

Cast: Roles:

Jessica Steen
David Keith
Wendy Crewson
Eric Johnson
Tom Butler
Benjamin Ratner
Myles Ferguson
Nick Mancuso
Michael Ironside
Coralie Cairns
Larry Reese
David McNally
Christopher Lee Fassbinder
Jessica Harvey
Andrew Misle
Victoria Rutwind
Paul Punti
Jan Alexandra Smith
Jessica Hopper
Wendell Smith

Andrea Roberts
Carter Roberts
Gail Sterling
Joel Aldridge
Tate Aldridge
Owen Kerr
Ian Aldrige
Steven Healy
Lt. Robert Ingram
Mrs. Freeman
Mr. Freeman
Kyle Reeves
Matthew Freeman
Sara Roberts
Drake Malton
Mary Wells
Mr. Wells
Judy Cox
Tavern Owner