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Rabid (1977)

Rabid, 1977, movie, image,

91 minutes – Horror
Lanuage: English
Release date: April 8, 1977
VHS release date: 1983
DVD release date: 2000
DVD Special Edition release: 2004
Production company: Cinema Entertainment Enterprises Inc.
Canadian distributor: Cinépix Film Properties
U.S. distributor: New World Pictures

Rabid combines some of director David Cronenberg’s most unpleasant obsessions while he was working with cheaper budgets (when many fans argue he was at his best). The film features porn starlet Marilyn Chambers as a woman whose plastic surgery operation leads to her being stung by a wicked bloodlust (much like a vampire), and she infects her victims with a form of rabies. Typically, Rabid has dark humour, some rather campy gore, and Chambers bares it all for the camera. Not for all tastes, undoubtedly, but essential viewing for students and enthusiasts of Cronenberg. – Wyndham Wise’s Essential Guide to Canadian Film.

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Also see: Northernstars reports on the 2004 release of the Rabid special edition DVD. The poster and lobby card image above were scanned from originals in the Northernstars Collection.

Rabid, 1977, movie, poster,



John Dunning

Executive Producer:

André Link
Ivan Reitman


Don Carmody

Associate Producer:

Danny Goldberg


David Cronenberg


David Cronenberg


René Verzier


Jean LaFleur

Art Director:

Claude Marchand

Cast: Roles:

Marilyn Chambers
Frank Moore
Joe Silver
Howard Ryshpan
Patricia Gage
Susan Roman
Roger Periard
Lynne Deragon
Terry Schonblum
Victor Désy
Julie Anna
Gary McKeehan
Terence G. Ross
Miguel Fernandes
Robert O’Ree
Greg Van Riel
Jérôme Tiberghien
Allan Moyle
Richard W. Farrell
Jeannette Casenave
Karl Wasserman
John Boylan
Malcolm Nelthorpe
Vlasta Vrana
Peter MacNeill
Robert A. Silverman
Louis Negin
Murray Smith

Hart Read
Murray Cypher
Dr. Dan Keloid
Dr. Roxanne Keloid
Mindy Kent
Lloyd Walsh
Nurse Louise
Judy Glasberg
Claude LaPointe
Nurse Rita
Smooth Eddy
Man In Cinema
Police Sergeant
Young Man In Plaza
Dr. Karl
Young Man In Lobby
Camper Man
Camper Lady
Camper Child
Young Cop In Plaza
Older Cop In Plaza
Cop At Clinic
Man In Hospital
Louis Negin
Murray Smith