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Rabid Comes to DVD

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David Cronenberg’s Most Chilling, Terrifying
Thriller Ever ‘Rabid’ Comes To DVD

by Staff

(2004, Toronto, ON) Legendary Canadian director of The Fly, Crash and Dead Ringers, David Cronenberg brings back his 1977 cult classic, Rabid on a special edition DVD June 1, 2004 from Somerville House Releasing

Filmed entirely in Québec, Rabid features adult film star Marilyn Chambers in her first mainstream starring role in this off-beat, apocalyptic thriller.

This horror shocker spins a tale about a motorcycle accident victim’s (Marilyn Chambers) sudden craving for human blood after undergoing radical plastic surgery to heal her severe, disfiguring wounds.  She then prowls the city of Montreal, using her sexual prowess to attract victims, who she infects with a particularly virulent strain of rabies. Rabid explores the relationships between sex and Rabid, 1977, movie, poster,violence, between bodily disintegration and the disintegration of society which became popular themes throughout Cronenberg’s directorial career.

Rabid involves a disease that spreads and causes great havoc,” said Cronenberg. “I really love the power that horror films can generate because they deal with primordial things, primal things, sex and death and the physical, the body, the betrayal of the body and so on.

em>Rabid was digitally re-mastered in this special edition loaded with extras. Cronenberg painstakingly checked frame-by-frame that the colour and quality of the digital master was a true signature of his craftsmanship and cinematic standards.  Special features include an interview and one-of-a-kind director’s commentary by Cronenberg, a new Widescreen transfer in English and French version, theatrical trailers, a photogallery, production stills and more…

The prestigious American Cinematheque recently honoured Cronenberg in Los Angeles for his body of work.  All of his films were screened to sold out audiences, including some of his early pre-“Scanners” films, a testament to his cult status. Rabid is one of David Cronenberg’s most rip-roaring, rewarding chillers”, stated the American Cinematheque, adding that,  “Cronenberg remains a fearless pioneer of all things unspeakable, exploring previously uncharted terrain where the human spirit intersects with its biological counterpart.” Famed director, Martin Scorsese echoes a similar sentiment. “Cronenberg is something… we have no control over, in the sense that we have no control over the imminent destruction of ourselves. That is what is so clear about his work. So frightening. So upsetting.”

Theatrically released in 1977, Rabid co-stars Frank Moore, Joe Silver, and Howard Ryshpan.  The film was produced by John Dunning and Ivan Reitman.

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