116 minutes – Drama
Language: English
Canadian release date: February 19, 2016
Canadian distributor: Entertainment One

Partially shot in Montreal, this is the true story of Jesse Owens (Canadian actor Stephan James), the African American track and field athlete who won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Owens goes to Ohio State to study and while there, is spotted by coach Larry Snyder (Jason Sudeikis), who recognizes Jesse’s potential. He inspires Jesse to aim for gold at the next Olympics, to be held in Germany. Meanwhile American officials deliberate on whether the United States should participate or withdraw, due to Hitler’s Nazi regime and its treatment of Jews and other minorities. Race is a France-Germany-Canada co-production.

Race, 2015 movie poster



Stephen Hopkins
Louis-Philippe Rochon
Karsten Brünig
Thierry Potok
Jean-Charles Levy
Luc Dayan
Kate Garwood
Nicolas Manuel
Dominique Séguin

Executive Producer:

George Acogny
Jonathan Bronfman
Morgan Emmery
Scott Kennedy
Al Munteanu
Thierry Potok
Mark Slone

Line Producer:

Scott Kennedy


Stephen Hopkins


Joe Shrapnel
Anna Waterhouse


Peter Levy


John Smith


Rachel Portman

Production Designer:

David Brisbin

Art Director:

Jean-Pierre Paquet

Cast: Roles:

Stephan James
Jason Sudeikis
Eli Goree
Shanice Banton
Carice van Houten
Jeremy Irons
William Hurt
David Kross
Jonathan Higgins
Tony Curran
Amanda Crew
Barnaby Metschurat
Vlasta Vrana
Shamier Anderson
Jesse Bostick
Moe Jeudy-Lamour
Gaetan Normandin
Jacob Andrew Kerr
Dondre Octave
Jeremy Ferdman
Giacomo Gianniotti
Tim McInnerny
Jonathan Aris
Nicholas Woodeson
Larry Day
Michèle Lonsdale Smith
Andrew Moodie
Adrian Zwicker
Bruno Bruni Jr.
Marcus Bluhm
Glynn Turman
Anthony Sherwood
Justus Carrière
Karl Graboshas
Steffen Mennekes
Ricky Watson
Frank Schorpion
Anian Zollner
Tim Post
Chantel Riley
John Maclaren

Jesse Owens
Larry Snyder
Dave Albritton
Ruth Solomon
Leni Riefenstahl
Avery Brundage
Jeremiah Mahoney
Carl ‘Luz’ Long
Dean Cromwell
Lawson Robertson
Joseph Goebbels
Eulace Peacock
Ken Seitz
Mel Walker
Frank Wykoff
Foy Draper
Ralph Metcalfe
Marty Glickman
Sam Stoller
Charles Sherrill
Alfred J. Lill
Fred Rubien
Francis Schmidt (football coach)
Emma Owens (mother)
Henry Owens (father)
Adolf Hitler
Hans Ertl
Wolfgang Furstner
Harry Davis
Reverend Ernest Hall
Carl Diem
Adolf Dassler
Reporter #2
Reporter #3
Hans Von Tschammer
Phil Diamond (head timer Ferry Field)
Quinella Nickerson
Announcer at Ferry Field