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B: May 9, 1928 in Toronto, Ontario

D: April 9, 2007 in Toronto, Ontario

Harry Rasky was a Producer, Director and Writer. He had received more than 200 international prizes and citations for his work, including the Venice Film Award, the Golden Eagle, several Peabody awards, an Emmy and two Oscar nominations. In 1992, he was given the lifetime award of the Association of Canadian Television and Radio Artists. The Denver International Film Festival called Harry Rasky “the world`s most acclaimed nonfiction filmmaker.” Rasky died after suffering a heart attack while he was in hospital recovering from hip surgery as the result of a fall at his home.

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Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Hall of Kings (TV-1967)

Upon this Rock (1970)
The Wit and World of George Bernard Shaw (TV-1972)
An Invitation to a Royal Wedding (1972)
Tennessee Williams’ South (TV-1973)
Baryshnikov (1974)
Next Year Jerusalem (1974)
Travels Through Life With Leacock (1975)
Homage to Chagall – The Colours of Love (1975)
The Peking Man Mystery (1977)
The Lessons of History – Will and Ariel Durant (1978)
Arthur Miller on Home Ground (1979)

The Song of Leonard Cohen (1981)
The Man Who Hid Anne Frank (1981)
Being Different (1981)
The Spies Who Never Were (1981)
Stratasphere (1983)
Raymond Massey: Actor of the Century (1984)
The Mystery of Henry Moore (1985)
Karsh: The Searching Eye (1986)
To Mend the World (1987)
Degas (1988)
The Great Teacher: Northrop Frye (1989)

The Magic Season of Robertson Davies (TV-1990)
The War Against the Indians (1992)
Christopher Plummer: King of Players (TV-1997)
William Hutt: A Most Fortunate Man (TV-1997)

Nobody Swings on Sunday (2003)
Modigliani: Body and Soul (2005)