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Re: Possessed Homes

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15 minutes – Drama, short
Festival release date: February 1, 2019 (World Premiere, Pendance Film Festival, Toronto)
Release date: TBA
Canadian distributor:

Shirley Parker is a go-getter, a real-estate godsend, and a keen opportunist; she is not, however, a murderer. After becoming burdened with the title of sole breadwinner for her and her twin children, Pip and Kitty, she discovers a niche market of houses that are an easy sale with a quick once-over. This find provides her with the potential to not only save her family from the hushed murmurings of her pseudo-bourgeoisie neighbours but also to give her children the upbringing she’s always dreamed of – however, the niche market at hand: possessed homes.

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Jordan Gavaris
Marianna Margaret


Matt Landry


Matt Landry


Peter Hadfield


Joey Whitelaw

Production Designer:

Khanh Quach

Art Director:

Lucas O’Hara (Set Decoration)

Cast: Roles:

Jordan Gavaris
Natalie Lisinska
Alanna Bale
Alexander Davis
Richard Davis
Zoe Begley
Jacklyn Francis
Peter Nelson

Ben Crawford
Shirley Parker
Decrepit Woman
Pip Parker
Charlie Johnston
Kitty Parker
Mrs. Johnston
Mr. Johnston