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Réjeanne Padovani


94 minutes – Drama
Release date: October 3, 1973
Canadian Distributor:

Réjeanne Padovani is about a corrupt Montreal-area contractor (Jean Lajeunesse), his political entourage, hired thugs, and divorced wife (Luce Guilbeault, in the title role), who only wants to see her children. The occasion is a party to celebrate the opening of a new highway. While the rich and powerful dine and drink upstairs, the strong-arm types hang out with cops and hookers in the basement. When the wife shows up unannounced, she sets in motion a series of events that ultimately lead to her death and burial beneath the highway. This biting social satire helped establish Denys Arcand’s reputation as one of Quebec’s top directors and someone not afraid to tackle political matters in feature films. – Essential Guide to Canadian Film

Réjeanne Padovani won a Canadian Film Award for Best Original Screenplay.

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Marguerite Duparc


Denys Arcand


Jacques Benoît
Denys Arcand


Alain Dostie


Marguerite Duparc
Denys Arcand


Christoph Willibald Glück
Walter Boudreau

Cast: Roles:

Jean Lajeunesse
Luce Guilbeault
J. Léo Gagnon
Therese Cadorette
René Caron
Hélène Loiselle
Jean Pierre Lefebvre
Frédérique Collin
Roger Lebel
Margot Mackinnon
Céline Lomez
Pierre Thériault
Paule Baillargeon
Jean-Pierre Saulnier
Gabriel Arcand
André Mélançon
Julien Poulin
Bernard Gosselin
Henry Gamer
Stan Gibbons
Guylene Lefort
Marguerite Plante
Normand Lanthier
Stéphane Carrière
Sophie Carrière
Attila Dory
Claude Thibault
Jacques Leduc
Roger Frappier
Michel Bouchard
Raymond Dessaint
Evelyne Robitaille
Jean-Luc Morin
Josiane Roy
Denys Arcand
Marguerite Duparc

Vincent Padovani
Rejeanne Padovani
Georges Bouchard, Road Minister
Mrs. Aline Bouchard
Mayor Jean-Guy Biron
Mrs. Biron
Jean-Pierre Caron
Hélène Caron
Leon Desaulniers
Stella Desaulniers
Dominique Di Moro
Louise Thibaudeau
Maurice Del Veccio
Carlo Ferrara
Lucien Bertrand
Mike Delvecchio
Sgt. Bernard Gosselin
Sam Tannenbaum
Lennie Tannenbaum
Micheline Bluteau
A militant
Normand Lombardi
Stéphane Padovani
Sophie Padovani
A militant
A militant
A militant
A militant
A guard
Motel receptionist