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Remedy is a high stakes, prime-time medical drama with a distinctive ‘upstairs/downstairs’ glimpse behind the scenes of a large, downtown hospital. It goes beyond the OR and the ER to reveal the compelling community that must work together to make the healing happen. The series follows Griffin Conner, son of the Acting Chief of Staff, and brother to the strong and resourceful Sandy an ICU nurse, and the highly disciplined, perfectionist Melissa, a general surgeon. A med school dropout, having left in a haze of disgrace, Griffin is forced to return to Bethune General Hospital as its newest orderly. Working “downstairs” alongside a cast of colourful characters, Griffin gets a new perspective on a world he thought he knew.

13 x 60 minutes (2014, Global Television)



Jan Peter Meyboom

Executive Producer:

Greg Spottiswood
Bernard Zukerman

Co-Executive Producer:

Kelly Makin
Adam Barken


John Callaghan

Associate Producer:

Rayne Zukerman

Supervising Producer:

Kate Miles Melville

Consulting Producer:

Janice Dawe
Sandra Chwialkowska


Kelly Makin
Cal Coons
Don McBrearty
David Frazee


Greg Spottiswood
Adam Barken
John Callaghan
Sandra Chwialkowska
Kate Miles Melville


Alison Lea Bingeman

Cast: Roles:

Enrico Colantoni
Sarah Allen
Sara Canning
Dillon Casey
Matt Ward
Genelle Williams
Patrick McKenna
Martha Burns
Catherine Disher

Chief of Staff, Allen Conner
Sandy Conner
Milissa Conner
Griffin Conner
Brian Decker
Zoe Rivera
Frank Kanaskie
Rebecca Chestnut
Linda Tuttle