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Republic of Doyle – (2010-2014)


Debut: January 6, 2010
Network: CBC
12 x 60-minutes (2010)
12 x 60-minutes (2011)
12 x 60 minutes (2012)
12 x 60 minutes (2013)
12 x 60 minutes (2014)

Created by its lead actor, Allan Hawco, Republic of Doyle is an almost quintessentially Canadian crime series. Set in St. John’s, Newfoundland it pretends to grander things but with a brash freshness that works well on the small screen. The series has its serious moments but never takes itself seriously. How Canadian is that? It’s fully laced with quirky people, lots of humour and terrific locations. If it reminds you a bit of the Rockford Files, that’s okay. The retro vibe is anchored in the lead character’s car and some of the best chase scenes ever shot in Canada. As the official website claims, this series is an “exciting new take on the hero P.I. character,” and that hero is Allan Hawco in the role of Jake Doyle. Doyle is supported by his dad in the family business, an ex-cop with the wonderful name of Malachy Doyle, played by Irish actor Sean McGinley.



Rob Blackie

Executive Producer:

Allan Hawco
Michael Levine
John Vatcher


Ray Sager


Jerry Ciccoritti
Mike Clattenberg
Steve DiMarco
Philip Earnshaw
Robert Lieberman
Larry A. McLean


Perry Chafe
Allan Hawco
Malcolm MacRury


Michael Storey


Michael Pacek
Nick Rotundo


Jim McGrath

Cast: Roles:

Allan Hawco
Sean McGinley
Lynda Boyd
Krystin Pellerin
Rachel Wilson
Marthe Bernard
Sean Panting
Mark O’Brien

Jake Doyle
Malachy Doyle
Rose Miller
Leslie Bennett
Dr. Nikki Renholds
Tinny Doyle
Walter McLean
Des Courtney