Road to the Lemon Grove


89 minutes – Comedy/Drama
Language: English – Italian with English subtitles
Festival release date: June 16, 2018 (Italian Contemporary Film Festival, Canadian Premiere)
Release date: August 30, 2019
Production company: Halftown Company

Canadian distributor:

An old-world deceased Sicilian father named Antonio (Charly Chiarelli) tries to negotiate his way into heaven. But he isn’t allowed in until he repairs his relationship with his son Calogero and gets him to reunite two family factions with a very long history of a bitter dispute over a lemon grove in Sicily. Appearing as a spectre, Antonio tells his son what he must do, which enrages his extended family who think he wants to take the grove for himself. Meanwhile Zio Vincenzo (Burt Young) sends Guido (Nick Mancuso) after Calogero. In Sicily, Calogero becomes smitten with a feisty actress, Maria (Rossella Brescia). Combine the crazy extended family, a mysterious woman, the ghost of Antonio and Guido’s bumbling, Calogero may lose the grove in this light comedy.

A Canada-Italy co-production, Road to the Lemon Grove won the Cirs Award at the Taormina Film Festival for Best in Cultural and Social Achievement in Sicily; the Best in Italian-Canadian Cinema at the Italian Contemporary Film Festival; the Excellence in Performance Award at the Italian Contemporary Film Festival and the Best Comedy Feature of Edmonton International Film Festival.

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Chris Gunther
Dale Hildebrand

Executive Producer:

Jil Amadio

Associate Producer:

Johnny Askwith

Consulting Producer:

Charly Chiarelli


Dale Hildebrand


Charly Chiarelli
Dale Hildebrand


Johnny Askwith


Dale Hildebrand

Production Designer:

Mauro Lacaprara

Cast: Roles:

Charly Chiarelli
Nick Mancuso
Burt Young
Rossella Brescia
Loreena McKennitt
Tomaso Sanelli
Kenton Blythe
Venesio DeSalvo
Francesco Di Lorenzo
Andrew Efthyvoulos
Serafina Carioto
Volodymyr Golykov
Romina Lucreziano
Christian MacInnis
Meagan MacPherson
Felix Malizia
George Papadimitrious
Marco Perfetto
Cesare Pintucci
Mirella Pintucci
Gino Raimondo
Catherine Sampana
Tara Shelley
Simona Sladowski
Allan Turner
Chantelle Wilson

Calogero / Antonio
Zio Vincenzo
The Voice of God
Young Calegero
Video Student
Uncle Guiseppe
Child #1
Child #2
Curvaceous Woman
Hot Girl
Uncle Rocco
Mauro Contatini (Lawyer)
Uncle Franco
Lady in Black #2
Dr. Moricio Pescari
Lady in Black
Flight Attendant
Rocco’s Wife
Worker’s Compensation Worker
Wellfare Lady