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Roadkill, movie, image,
Valerie Buhagiar & Don McKellar in a production still from Roadkill.

85 minutes – Drama, Comedy
Release date: September 16, 1989 – Festival of Festivals
Canadian distributor: Shadow Shows

Roadkill, one of the most original films to emerge from the Toronto new wave, is director Bruce McDonald’s debut feature. Described as a rock ‘n’ roll road movie, it concerns the adventures of Ramona (Valerie Buhagiar), a naive assistant to a maniacal rock promoter (Gerry Quigley), sent to track down a band called the Children of Paradise who have gone missing in Northern Ontario. She comes across a pot-addled cabbie (Larry Hudson), a rock-video crew led by a director (McDonald) with visions of widescreen grandeur, and an aspiring serial killer (Don McKellar). Ramona eventually does find the band, but it ultimately matters less than what she discovers about herself. – Essential Guide to Canadian Film.

Roadkill, 1989 movie poster



Colin Brunton
Bruce McDonald


Bruce McDonald


Don McKellar


Miroslaw Baszak


Mike Munn


Nash the Slash
The Cowboy Junkies
The Ramones

Cast: Roles:

Valerie Buhagiar
Don McKellar
Larry Hudson
Gerry Quigley
Earl Pasko
Bruce McDonald
Shaun Bowring
Mark Tarantino
Jamie Rooney
Peter Morfea
Patricia Sims
Nazareno Buhagiar
Giovanna Buhagiar
Glen McLaren
Ellen Dean
Bruce Wilson
Herwig Gayer
Namir Khan
Dave Williams

Russel, the Serial Killer
Buddy, the Cab Driver
Roy Seth, the Promoter
Children of Paradise drummer
Bruce Shack, the Director
Mathew, the Weenie-Boy
Luke, the 15-Year Old Boy
Nature Film Narrator
Jesus of Toronto
Corporate Babe
Ramona's Father
Ramona's Mother
Gas Station Attendant
Sound Recordist
Rafi, the Cameraman
Apocalypse Club Owner