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Robert Christie


B: September 20, 1913 in Toronto, Ontario
D: May 22, 1996 in Toronto, Ontario

Robert Christie received a B.A. from the University of Toronto and in 1936 he moved to England. He performed with a number of British theatrical companies including the Old Vic. After serving with the Canadian Army during World War II, he television dramas for BBC Sunday Night Theatre and several episodes of the BBC series The Pickwick Papers. Returning to Canada, Christie joined the CBC Radio Drama Department and began performing television dramas during the so-called Golden Age of Television. We have listed these productions as made-for-TV movies and added the name of the main program, for example the General Motors Theatre, or Folio or Playdate. He joined the Stratford Festival in 1953 and appeared on Broadway in Tamburlaine by Christopher Marlowe in 1956 and Love and Libel by Canadian writer Robertson Davies in 1960. In Canada he played the role of our first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald, in no less than eleven productions.

Features & TV Movies
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Bush Pilot (1946)
The Boy Who Stopped Niagara (1947, short)
Time and Terrain (narrator, 1948, short)

Nothing But the Truth (TV-1952, General Motors Theatre)
School for Scandal (TV-1953, General Motors Theatre)
Othello (TV-1953, General Motors Theatre)
The Vigil (TV-1953, General Motors Theatre)
Man of Action (TV-1953, General Motors Theatre)
Winds of Heaven (TV-1953, General Motors Theatre)
Ordeal by Fire (TV-1954, General Motors Theatre)
Roman Gesture (TV-1954, General Motors Theatre)
Sunshine Town (TV-1954, Scope)
The Verdict Was Treason (TV-1955, Scope)
Hamlet (TV-1955, Scope)
The Tyger’s Hart (TV-1955, On Camera)
West of the Pecos (TV-1955, On Camera)
Pastorale (1955, On Camera)
To Ride a Tiger (TV-1956, General Motors Theatre)
The Hill (TV-1956)
The Discoverers (TV-1956, First Performance)
The Gamblers (TV-1956, On Camera)
Thank You, Edmondo (TV-1956, On Camera)
The Case of Posterity Versus Joseph Howe (TV-1956, Folio)
The Nativity (TV-1956, Folio)
John A. And the Double Wedding (TV-1957, Folio)
The Trial of James Whelan (TV-1957, Folio)
Death of a Salesman (TV-1958, Folio)
The Other Man (TV-1958, General Motors Theatre)
The Bloody Brood (1959)
Face to Remember (TV-1959, General Motors Theatre)
Fear Is No Stranger (TV-1959, General Motors Theatre)
The Twenty-first Floor (TV-1959, General Motors Theatre)

Shadow of a Pale Horse (TV-1960)
The Eye Opener Man and Robert Burns (TV-1961, General Motors Theatre)
(Riel: Part 1 TV-1961, General Motors Theatre)
Love in Another Land (TV-1961, Playdate)
The Man Born to Be King (TV-1961)
One Plus One (1961)
John A. Macdonald: The Impossible Idea (1961, short)
Charles Tupper: The Big Man (1961, short)
The Dream of Peter Mann (TV-1961 Festival)
Georges-Étienne Cartier: The Lion of Québec (1962, short)
Aexander Galt: The Stubborn Idealist (1962, short)
The Troubled Heart (TV-1962, Playdate)
The Thirteenth Laird (TV-1962, Playdate)
Two-Faced Angel (TV-1962, Playdate)
The Brass Pounder from Illinois (TV-1962, Festival)
Bousille and the Just (TV-1962, Festival)
Grand Exits (TV-1962, Festival)
The Critic (TV-1963, Playdate)
The Incredible Journey (1963)
The Gambler (TV-1962, Festival)
The Devil’s Instrument (TV-1962, Festival)
Galileo (TV-1963, Festival)
Man with a Rope (TV-1964, Playdate)
No Sand for the Ostrich (TV-1964, Playdate)
The Royal Game (TV-1964, Playdate)
Westbrook’s Man (TV-1966, Festival)

Nothing Personal (1980)
The Last Chase (1981)
Utilities (1983)

TV Series – Cast:
Reluctant Nation (mini-series, 1966)

Les fils de la liberté (mini-series, 1981)
I’ll Take Manhattan (mini-series, 1987)

TV Series – Guest appearances:
Sunshine Sketches (1952)
Hudson’s Bay (1959)

Startime (1960)
First Person (1961)
Jake and the Kid (1961)
Time of Your Life (1964)
Seaway (1966)
Hatch’s Mill (1967)
Wojeck (1968)

Witness to Yesterday (1973)

Matt and Jenny (1980)
For the Record (1981)
Seeing Things (1981)
The Littlest Hobo (1984)
The Edison Twins (1984)
Adderly (1987)
Night Heat (1987, 1988)
Diamonds (1988, 1989)

Bush Pilot, movie poster reproduction
This 1997 reproduction of the original Bush Pilot Poster was scanned from an original in the Northernstars Collection.