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B: June 14, 1878 in London, Ontario
D: November 5, 1964 in Escondido, California

John Stuart Robertson began his two-decade Hollywood career at Vitagraph in 1915. From Vitagraph he went to Famous Players-Lasky, where for five years he turned out some of their finest productions. In addition to directing he also did acting and scriptwriting. Speaking of Mary Pickford, he once said, “She is the most wonderful girl I ever met. She knows everything about picture making, from the most technical side to the dramatic possibilities. I thought with her fame and success she would probably resent taking direction. But she sought it.” The great John Barrymore’s performance in Robertson`s 1920 version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde led many critics of the time to acclaim him the greatest screen actor yet.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

The Meeting (1917)
The Money Mill (1917)
Intrigue (1917)
Baby Mine (1917)
The Bottom of the Well (1917)
A Service of Love (1917)
The Menace (1918)
The Girl of Today (1918)
The Better Half (1918)
The Make Believe Wife (1918)
Little Miss Hoover (1918)
Here Comes the Bride (1919)
The Test of Honor (1919)
Let`s Elope (1919)
Come Out of the Kitchen (1919)
The Misleading Widow (1919)
Sadie Love (1919)
Erstwhile Susan (1919)

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920)
A Dark Lantern (1920)
Away Goes Orudence (1920)
39 East (1920)
Sentimental Tommy (1921)
The Magic Cup (1921)
Footlights (1921)
Love`s Boomerang (1922)
The Spanish Jade (1922)
Tess of the Storm Country (1922)
The Bright Shawl (1923)
The Fighting Blade (1923)
Twenty-One (1923)
The Enchanted Cottage (1924)
Classmates (1924)
New Toys (1925)
Soul Fire (1925)
Shore Leave (1925)
Annie Laurie (1927)
Captain Salvation (1927)
The Road to Romance (1927)
Alaskan Adventures (1927)
The Single Standard (1929)
Shanghai Lady (1929)

Night Ride (1930)
Captain of the Guard (1930)
Madonna of the Streets (1930)
Beyond Victory (1931)
The Phantom of Paris (1931)
Little Orphan Annie (1932)
One Man`s Journey (1933)
The Crime Doctor (1934)
His Greatest Gamble (1934)
Wednesday`s Child (1934)
Grand Old Girl (1935)
Captain Hurricane (1935)
Our Little Girl (1935)